After a half-year break from Instagram and Twitter, LANY’s Paul Klein is back on track with a tweet that shook everyone on social media.

We all thought that he was active, but the frontman confessed that his LANY mates, Rupe and Steve, were posting stuff up for him all along.

Paul deleted his apps back in January with a statement on Instagram “bc my heart got ripped right out of my fucking chest and the internet was the last thing i needed“. It’s also the same month he and former beau Dua Lipa broke up.

Paul and Dua have been dating for five months, and reports say that it just didn’t work out between the two. But, you know, Dua was back in contact with her model ex right after—guess she actually broke her New Rules.

During LANY’s sold-out concert and multiple mall tours in the country last April, fans swear by the fact that Paul was singing his heart out, dedicating their song Hericane for Dua at the time:

Real or not, what we know now is that LANY’s finally back with a single “Thru These Tears” that may rip our hearts out as well. So mark your calendars on July 17th as it also comes with a new music video!

Pinoy fans, being close to LANY’s heart, are all excited for it!