Looking for songs to add to your anti-love playlist? Say no more ’cause LaLuna’s got you covered! So better check out their performances in Music Dive and see what music they offer.

Serenading us with a dash of anti-love and a tinge of hopeless romance is none other than LaLuna. As they join us in Music Dive for an interview, these lads performed their original songs for us and they do not disappoint. Aside from learning about them as a band and as an individual, their music takes us to their lives and experiences. And as a 4-piece blues rock band that LaLuna is, is giving us a new set of songs to love.

Hawak Bitaw

Hawak kamay, naglalakbay patungo sa
ating inaasahang pag bitaw
Magkatingin nang may lihim naghihintay
na may magsasabing ayoko na

LaLuna’s ‘Hawak Bitaw’ tells a story of the impending decision of letting go or breaking up. I mean, we all had our fair share of breakups in the entirety of our so-called love life. But there will always be that one relationship we know that’s bound to end. And ‘Hawak Bitaw’ encapsulates how it usually goes. A waiting game of who’s the first to say “let’s end it”.

He’s gonna ask to see you late at night. Say, for example, 11pm-ish. Whereas that sound romantic, but turns out he just wants to end things. And you know it. You feel it that something’s not right. He can’t look at you in the eye. Doesn’t even try to hug you like he used to. Or hold your hand. And that’s when you know it. That he’s about to let go. And that he’s made up his mind. While you just stare at him and try to hold his hand as firm as possible. Knowing that it would be the last. ‘Hawak Bitaw’ is that story. (Why do I relate to this song in so many levels?)

Anyway, so if you’ve experienced that kind of situation, then ‘Hawak Bitaw’ is perfect for you. Relive the moment (masochist-much?) and just let the emotions flow.

She’s Dangerous

It’s not indecisive of you 
I just hope you think again
I hope when you look in her eyes
You see her hate overflowing 
She’s dangerous
She’s dangerous
It’s better to be safe than sorry

If ‘Hawak Bitaw’ tells a sad story of ending relationships, ‘She’s Dangerous‘ goes as anti-love as possible. The upbeat tempo of the music does not clash with the lyrics or the feel the song intends. It’s more of a cautionary tale for people who are seeing someone new. Or maybe on the verge of asking someone out. And ‘She’s Dangerous’ warns us of the people who are not ready for love. Those people who’d leave breadcrumbs all over for you. People who will lead you on. But at the end of the day, they will take you for granted. Or worst-case scenario, would ghost you and leave you hanging.

We’ve had our fair share of stupidity when it comes to love. We had lovers and flings and relationships that went sour. But there will always be that one person that is a sinking ship. That one person who’d lead you on for nothing. And then you’ll end up hurting. And what better to do if we meet that kind of person? Never fall for their tricks and mixed signals. Like LaLuna’s song goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”.

So far, LaLuna offers us anti-love songs that you can relate to. Watching them live gives us that extra kick of emotions that you’d surely connect with. Their usual live performances are superb but their acoustic performances is another thing. And it just gets better! So if you love these lads and their music, check out their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account. You can track their gig schedules and get to see them as often as possible!

Anyway, they are also in Spotify so add them to your playlists, now!

So what do you think of LaLuna’s music? Did you like their anti-love blues? ‘Cause I definitely did!  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.