Get to know LaLuna through an interview and a fun game in Music Dive right here!

LaLuna is a 4-piece band that everyone should tune out for. After their first release on Spotify for their song ‘She’s Dangerous‘, it’s about time we all get to know more about LaLuna! This rising band in town is composed of Reason Fortun, Joshua Angeles, Lorenzo Zavalla, and Joshua Docena.

We had the pleasure of interviewing them, playing a fun game, and watch them perform their two singles. Check it out right here:


Getting to know LaLuna!

Reason (vocalist/rhythm guitars) and Josh (drums) met first during a pageant. Their style jived with each other and from then on became a music duo who wanted to take music seriously. Les (bass) is a friend from Fine Arts who later joined Reason and Josh. Later on, Enzo (guitars) became part of the band. Josh and Enzo were childhood friends who also had a band when they were in grade school.

At first, all they wanted to do was just form a band, play gigs, and produce music. But lately, through their songs ‘Hawak Bitaw’ and ‘She’s Dangerous’, they were able to hear the feedback of their listeners.

“Smooth and Silky” was actually one of the previous band names of LaLuna. When they started doing acoustic gigs and open mics, however, the band decided that they want to come up with a short name that’s easy to remember. Reason then asked his cousin on what could be a good band name, and that’s when the name “LaLuna” came up.

LaLuna’s music

LaLuna’s songs are mostly based on personal experiences. Lately, the band has been writing songs leaning towards social and political issues. The band recognizes the fact that as musicians, they have the voice and their music to create awareness.

‘She’s Dangerous’ is the band’s first single out on Spotify. The band members share their joy having been able to release content out for everyone to listen to. And of course, the joy that comes with hearing more and more feedback. Reason explains that the song, in general, talks about a toxic relationship.

One of the struggles the band has so far is their problem with time. Of course, besides music, each of the members has other priorities like in the university or at work. Nevertheless, they still push through because of their passion. Another problem is starting out, you don’t know what to do to get your band’s name out there and not knowing the right connections. Reason also shares that another issue that they had was the funds for their equipment.

For aspiring artists out there, the band advises to never think about the following or the talent fee. You always have to keep in mind that you’re there for your passion, to make your own music. And don’t worry about earning from it as soon as possible or that you’re not yet being heard, because your expression will always be valid. It really is about art, it gives off a different life to you, unlike your daily job. Because music can give off a different rush, an escape, and can show your best self. Stay humble if you finally get there, and also be nice to everyone especially your fans. Remember that there was a time when you were still trying to work your way to the top.

And hold your breaths, guys! Because LaLuna shares that a lot is in store from them that you should all watch out.

Fun game!!!

For the very fun game, I was literally holding the band members’ silly faces! It was used by the members to answer questions that would let everyone know more about them individually. And here are their answers!

Who is always late?

Enzo- 4 points

Josh- 2 points

Reason- 1 point

We stan Les for not being late! 😉

Who gets drunk easily?

The band members find it hard to answer this one, with Josh claiming that they usually just drink “coffee”… Hmm… Do you believe them? I, for one, don’t lol!

Who is the strongest drinker?

With this one, everyone answered Enzo! The others explained that Enzo is the one who always invites them for a drinking session.

Who gets mad easily?

Everyone answered vocalist Reason, explaining that he gets irritated easily.

Josh- 3 points

Les- 2 points

Enzo- 1 point

Josh and Les are the only ones with girlfriends tho. 😉

Who is always heartbroken?

3 points each for Reason and Josh! But congrats because Josh is now in a happy relationship. When Reason denied that he’s always heartbroken, Enzo exposed that Reason was able to write six songs because of his heartbreak. Hmmm, who’s the lucky(???) girl?

Who eats the most?

Seems like everyone eats the most, but Enzo and Les took the crown!

Who’s the most handsome?

Of course, they answered themselves. Why am I not shocked at all? Lol! But really looking good guys with those photos! 😉

Who always make mistakes when performing in gigs?

Everyone agreed, it’s Reason and Josh! That’s okay, practice makes perfect after all!

That was truly a fun interview and Reason, Enzo, Les, and Josh truly helped us not only get to know more about their music but them individually as well.

Stream ‘She’s Dangerous’ on Spotify now!

Open in Spotify

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