As an indie artist and comics fan, local events like Komiket always get me excited. Komiket, or Filipino Komiks and Art Market, is one of the best events to attend if you want to get into the indie comic scene. Not only does the convention introduce you to new comic creators, it also offers workshops to learn the art of making a comic, and talks from Philippine comics’ top names. Manix Abrera, of Kikomachine fame, is a regular at both Komiket and Komikon. The third annual Komiket was on February 25, 2017 at Centris Elements in Quezon City.

Now, some people might think that comics are just about superheroes. A significant amount of mainstream comics are, but in indie comics, the genres offer more variation. Just from browsing the material available last Saturday, one could see there was comedy, horror, fantasy, mystery, and slice of life.


SISTERS is one of the comics I went to the event for. It’s a lovely little story about found families.  The creator, Danielle Chuatico, made a zine entitled “My Biggest Fear” last Komiket. It’s so charming and heart-warming, that I made sure to grab a copy of her next zine! Her art style is simple, yet so eye-catching and memorable. 


Visit Danielle’s sites for more goodies!





A typical convention-goers day starts out at the ticket booth, of course. This convention’s entrance fee was practically a steal at PHP 50. The organizers also give you a little booklet with a description of what to expect, a catalog of the available comics and a list of nominees for the Komiket awards.

Going through the hall might get a little difficult at times because of all the people crowding the tables, but the effort definitely pays off when you see that one piece of art that you just have to buy. There are comics, stickers, prints, pins, and key chains as far as the eye could see. You can even commission artists to draw yourself, your friends, or your favorite characters. It’s a little difficult to follow your budget when there’s cool stuff around every corner.




While making my rounds in the convention hall, the organizers started to call out the winners of the Komiket Awards. The winners are as follows: Alane Alunan of “Cadilily Quins” for Best Komiks Artist, Danielle Dy-Liacco and Japhet Marquez of “Flow” for Best Student Komiks and Best Komiks Writer, finally, Tori Tadiar of “Sagala” for Best Komiks. Sagala takes place in a fantasy version of Spanish-colonial Philippines. The comic follows Riel, an apprentice of a gunsmith who dreams of becoming a courtesan at the Royal Palacio. It ends in a cliffhanger, but Tori is working hard on its sequel, which she’ll release sometime this year.


If you want more of Tori’s art, visit her pages!

Portfolio Website:


The artists are such sweethearts as well! When you talk to them about their craft, their eyes just light up with passion.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, don’t fret because the next Komiket is just a couple of months away. Mark your calendars for October 14-15, and see the best and brightest young comic artists.

Photos by: Maki Martinez