Extraordinarily beautiful. This is probably the best way to describe Kodi Lee’s America’s Got Talent performance! Golden buzzers and standing ovations, it was deserving of everything!

No one would have expected what transpired as an autistic and blind Kodi Lee walked into the America’s Got Talent stage. In the customary conversation that happens before the performance, Kodi was seen having difficulties in answering questions right away, taking a few moments before responding to the judges’ questions. He also walked in with his mom, Tina, as he seemed to also have difficulties in walking. Personally, I expected the performance to be something really good, bht I doubt the judges did! Check out golden buzzer-worthy performance!

If this performance isn’t enough to move you to tears, you’re probably heartless. With his own rendition of ‘A Song For You’, Kodi earned the season’s first golden buzzer, and frankly, we understand why!

Kodi Lee

Even before this performance, Kodi has been working so hard at his craft. He had been playing piano all over the world for years. This rock-hard dedication is seemingly what brought him to worldwide fame! Good things come to those who work for it.

Kodi can master songs after hearing it just once. His disability does not hinder him from doing what he loves. And, frankly, this prodigy is just a star in the making.

What makes it so extraordinary?

We honestly couldn’t begin to imagibe what an autistic and blind person has to go through everyday. Let’s face it, we would not have any idea about the life they are living. Often the subject of teasing and insult for being “slow” or “childish”, autistic people has had to go through a lot in life. Let alone their parents, who has to witness everything each day, wanting to protect their children.

Perhaps this is what makes the performance so extraordinarily good. Seeing a mom supporting her child in his dream. A differently abled person who would not let his dreams and his talent be oppressed just because of his condition. In addition to this, Kodi Lee’s performance was full of his love for music that it sounded as authentic as it can be.

What’s even more special about it is that no one expected to be that amazed. By the end of the performance, hearts were moved and tears fell out. Kodi couldn’t see it, but everyone is on their feet, on a stabding ovation, giving him all the applause he deserves.

Support from family

Similarly, our hearts go towards his mom, who had believed in her child. This golden buzzer moment was definitely one for the books! Kodi Lee, unknowingly, has marked his place in history.

We couldn’t wait to watch Kodi’s journey in AGT! Did his performance also amaze you? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.