Reminisce one of your favorite love songs as we get to know Keith Martin through an interview in Music Dive.

We’ve grown up listening to cheesy love songs over the radio. Sometimes, we even go full-throttle getting a chance to sing it over the karaoke. Even though we were young back then, we just sing our hearts out. Even if we don’t really get the whole meaning of the song. And joining us in Music Dive is Keith Martin, one of the renowned songwriters and producers in the country. So dive in with us as we get to know him, the man behind the hit song ‘Because of You’.

Before ‘Because of You’ became a hit in the Philippines, Keith Martin knew music is the life for him. His family loved music and so did he. And one day, he just knew that music will be his big turning point.

He once said that music is life and a way of living for him. It was his means of expressing his feelings, his stories and the stories of other people he encounters, each and every day. Through music, you’ll get to know the people behind it. The singer, the songwriter, the producer and everybody else involved in the production of a song. So watch the full interview of Keith Martin and discover what lead him to be the hit song maker of ‘Because of You’ to being the producer of the Philippines’ greatest music icons.

Because of You

We all probably know about Keith Martin’s ‘Because of You’ hit song. It’s one of the radio jams every weekday afternoons and during Sundays too. You’ll remember singing it once or twice with your cousins during a special family celebration. Or you’ve probably heard your mom or dad sing it to each other in the most random moment possible. In other words, ‘Because of You’ has defined love songs even before.

As romantic as it sounds, the discovery of the song was quite casual. Keith even pertained to it as an accidental song discovery. Back when he was still singing for a choir in Philadelphia, the sound boot guy recorded him on tape while singing it for the first time. He didn’t know it at first and thought that it was a harmless act until it circulated within their community. And after ‘Because of You’ perking ears up, Keith got discovered and picked up by a label. From then on, it was tours and concerts, guests and new songs. Indeed, he was living life through music.

Mentoring in the Philippines

But his career didn’t end in the US because he eventually turned up in the Philippines. After touring with his good friend, Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men, he ended up doing concerts in the Philippines. Little did he know that ‘Because of You’ has blown up in the country at that time. And the Filipino fans love him. He was also picked up by a local music label and got the opportunity to write and produce songs for local artists. It wasn’t just the people but the music and the community surrounding it made him stay.

As of now, Keith works with the band, Laraza. Together with him is his trusty bandmates, Teban Aquino on guitars and Jethro Martinez on drums/keyboard. The three of them are on the works of producing music that will surely hit a soft spot in your heart.

So far, Keith has mentored big names in the local music industry. Nina, Kyla, Gloc 9, Isabella Gonzalez and Jake Zyrus are just a few names he’s worked with and is working with up until now. He wants to bring out the personality of the artist through the music they produce. Music has been quite political, nowadays. And quite restricted at the same time, just to fit in the mainstream business. However, he wants to change that. And he wants to bring the best of the people he works with. Because music isn’t just music. It’s a way of life.

Keith has been in the industry for a long time. And he has experienced a lot. He’d seen stars grow and stars implode in their own space. But even though he’s not a native, he still loves the music and how OPM evolves. And he continues to be part of mentoring the rising artists in our industry. Not just for their own sake but also for the people who believe in music and lives through it.

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