ENCORE FEATURE: Kean Cipriano can’t wait to meet baby Salem!

Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano’s Baby #2 is on the way! And the proud parents can’t wait for baby Salem!

There is nothing better than the joy of holding your newborn child. And let their delicate little hand grab hold of your finger. And it looks like Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza are going to be able to experience that a second time around. Because earlier today, Kean Cipriano posted this photo of him and mommy Chynna Ortaleza’s very round and about to pop belly:

We’re praying for your safe delivery too, Chynna!

To be prepared is half the victory

Ideally, we should always welcome new and precious life into the world by being prepared. And although sometimes that’s not always the case. It sure looks like mommy Chynna Ortaleza has ticked off every item on her welcome-baby-Salem-to-do-list. She even posted this Instagram story where she’s having baby Salem’s nursery sanitized:


She even shared with her followers what looks like baby perfume. Which she mentioned that her mom also used on her when she was young. How nostalgic! A third-generation sentiment, isn’t that sweet?

Babies Galore!

In other news, Kean and Chynna aren’t the only celeb parents that have a new bundle of joy in their lives. In fact, Saab Magalona just gave birth to her second child, last September 16. A very healthy 9.2-pound baby boy. As well as, Hale’s Champ Lui Pio, who is also expecting his firstborn son. It really is another year full of life for Pinoy celebs. Just imagine all the cute baby photos that will be flooding our streams. Because these celebrity babies are bound to be as good-looking as their parents.

Looks like little Salem has everything he needs. And most importantly he has a loving family that can’t wait to meet him! We’ll be seeing you out here soon baby Salem!

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