ENCORE FEATURE: Kamikazee And Why We Love Them

You know of this hardcore OPM band called the Kamikazee. They started to rock our hearts out more than a decade ago—and although its long overdue, let’s talk about Kamikazee and why we love them!

Kamikazee started out in the year 2000, but we bet you still know the words to their hit songs like ‘Huling Sayaw’ and ‘Halik.’ And we’re certain that you still press the song number for ‘Narda‘ whenever you are having a karaoke session with your friends. We know we do!

And even though Kamikazee announced their hiatus back in 2015 to delve in the life outside the world of bar gigs, music events, and concerts, they still received all-out support when they announced the release of their new song and comeback last year.

So before we talk about why and how much we love this band, give their latest song ‘Agimat’ a listen!

They still got amazing music in them, don’t they? No wonder this band is still part of the list of our all-time favorite bands!

So without further ado, here are the three main reasons why we love Kamikazee and how they will always have a special place in our hearts.

3. This band gives so much life

Kamikazee is not just another OPM band who would amaze us with their compositions and beautiful tunes. But Kamikazee are such great performers whether they are at small gigs or on the big stage, wherever they are performing, they do make sure to give their audience a full-on energetic performance!

We know that you believe us without a doubt! But just to justify it even more, we have for you right here Kamikazee’s performance of their hit song ‘Chiksilog.’

A simple setting isn’t it? They are not in a colossal stage or in a stadium, there are no lighting effects or whatnot. But they have the ability to deliver concert-feel performances for their audience. And with their dynamic performances, they could ignite the rocker in their audience. We know we couldn’t help but groove our bodies to their music. Even just by hearing their songs through the radio or our playlists, we definitely turn into rockers when their sick tunes comes on!

On or outside of the stage, Kamikazee brings life to their music, and ultimately gives life to their listeners. Their music and their performances are truly felt because of how it resonates from them, it’s hard to miss how passionate and enthusiastic they are with what they do.

2. Their music is amazing (duh!) and definitely timeless

Kamikazee is timeless not only because of their skills and talents, but because of how wonderfully woven their music is. Because of their pure, rich, and great tunes, Kamikazee was able to carve their band’s name in our hearts.

Who could even forget their other songs such as ‘Unang Tikim,’ ‘First Day High,’ and ‘Tagpuan’ right? Because we know we still remember the lyrics to these songs! And don’t forget another one of their famous songs entitled ‘Martyr Nyebera.’

*Tenenen tenenen tenten!*

See how detailed and skillfully crafted their tunes are? And this is why Kamikazee is timeless because of their music, not only because of how they perform it—but because they take time to develop each of their songs.

1. The epitome of OPM music

Some of us, if not most, grew up listening to Kamikazee. And this band is one of the epitomes for the Philippine music scene. Kamikazee has set up such high standards for OPM and some dreamers or rising artists would definitely look to Kamikazee for musical influences and inspirations.

The moment they started playing to be heard, they aim to promote the Filipino language, culture, and lifestyle. Not only do they have fun and upbeat songs, but listening to their lyrics, it’s as Filipino as it could get. That’s why they can be considered as an embodiment of what OPM really is and what it should be.

Kamikazee is one of the reasons a lot of people fell in love with OPM. And that’s why no matter how many bands and artists are in the Philippine music scene, Kamikazee’s position in the spotlight doesn’t diminish.

And of course, who wouldn’t worship Kamikazee after they gave us this all-time favorite song?

If we were Narda, we would definitely notice Kamikazee (*wink wink*).

We could go on and on and on about how much we love Kamikazee but these are just the three main reasons that basically sums it up. Kamikazee definitely rocks and rules in our hearts and will always do so!

That’s why we have their songs on our playlist! How about you?

So let us know, do you agree with our Kamikazee and why we love them reasons? What do you love about this all-time favorite band? Share it to us in the comment section below. Or feel free to message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.

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