There’s a new artist making the ~waves~ and it’s none other than Joji! But did you know he was a YouTube star before all this?

Joji, a Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, famously known for his R&B hits like ‘Test Drive’, ‘Slow Dancing in The Dark’, and ‘Will He’. And yes, you heard it right. Before his success in music, he was once considered as an Internet sensation because of his hilarious videos on Youtube.

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George Miller, aka Joji was formerly known by his online aliases Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. Even without knowing, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with this guy. So let’s take a look at the past, shall we?

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Youtube Filthy Frank

Remember the weird guy on Youtube who’s always wearing a pink suit but still made us laugh? WELL, HE’S THAT GUY!  And people loved him! Well, because of his satire humor and his weird character, overall.

He was also responsible for the shockingly viral “Harlem Shake” dance trend that riled up the Internet in 2013.

But in 2017, the world received shocking news as Filthy Frank decided to retire from his YouTube career due to medical issues. But this wouldn’t be the last time we would see from him.

Joji’s music career

Although he already has a background with music from his now-defunct YouTube channels, he has decided to rise from the ashes and pursue his music career on another level.

Rebranding himself as Joji, he has introduced his own music—R&B with a hint of idiosyncrasy—very different from the guy we used to know. But still, we’re not complaining as he produced great hits we’ve come to love!

As of now, Joji is linked up with 88rising, a record label that supports Asian artists like Rich Brian and the Higher Brothers, in which they challenge norms around Asian-originated music.

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