Another rising music artist from the South, John Salvacruz brings the tunes of life, love, and everything in between!

Music doesn’t always have to be our first love to truly appreciate it’s entirety. That’s what John Salvacruz believes in. A homegrown talent from the South, John concocts music fitting for everyone’s music tastes.

His music is to what he referred to as a “melting pot of genres” which up to this day, he lives by. John’s music isn’t bound to one genre. It ranges from experimental to contemporary and branches out to different kinds of tunes like blues, funk, folk, and so much more. Aside from his delicate sound, John demonstrates his talent in songwriting as well. His songs packing up relatable stories that don’t just focus on one aspect. It’s ambiguous yet resonates with your soul.

How it all started

To be honest, John never liked music in the first place. We’ve heard musicians always saying that music was their first love. But for John, it was a different story. Back when he was a kid, his mom used to bring him to piano lessons. But he hated it. He hated reading notes and whenever he makes mistakes, his teacher hits his hands with a ruler. As an 8-year old, it was torture. But one day, while sitting in front of a piano, John just started running his fingers over the keys. And he started playing ‘Solo’ by Iyaz (John’s a man of culture too!) without reading music notes! From that day on, John found himself loving music. You can definitely say he has the raw talent from day one!

He never really anticipated to make a career out of it until he realized how good he was at it. According to John himself, music was pretty much the only thing he’s good at. Might as well maximize it, right? But setting that aside, music isn’t just a career for him. Music is his medicine. He believes that music heals the bad vibes a person feels, no matter how heartbreaking the song is. A song can be a friend or an enemy. But like all musicians, music is a lifestyle for him.

The Music of John Salvacruz

John’s an acoustic man himself. But he opens himself to different genres like blues, soul, jazz, and rock. He doesn’t confine himself to one genre alone. But instead, he mixes things up to make his music ooze with his own personality.

Like most artists, John writes about love as well. But he tries to be much more than that. He implied that his inspiration comes from the emotion he is feeling at the time. It isn’t just about telling a story, it’s about telling how he feels and what he thinks in a creative way.

Though despite injecting his own uniqueness and quirks into his music, John believes that he’s no different. Like all other artists, their music intertwines at some point. Yes, they do sound different but they resonate at a certain wavelength. For him, only the listeners can judge.

In My Eyes

Cause you are perfect

You are so perfect

In my eyes

John’s latest track, ‘In My Eyes’, is an ethereal song about loving or admiring a person no matter how messed up they can be. The inspiration for the song came from while he was driving back home from a party. A friend got so drunk and was acting out a little. And it gave him the idea to write a song of how a person can love someone explicitly despite all their shortcomings. The music itself is delicate and soft but hits hard right at home. We’ve always had our fair share of that kind of love. Loving someone despite their flaws and seeing them perfectly through rose-colored glasses.

A Word of Advice

“Just be yourself and work hard.” That’s John’s advice for solo artists who wanted to make a career out of music. The music industry can be very punishing. It has it’s hits and lows. And just a small mishap can cause your whole career, even if you are just starting out. John mentioned that he’s still struggling to “make it”. Indeed, he has the talent but without hard work, you can’t pull it off. And he learned it the hard way. Always open yourself to improvements and criticisms because that’s the way of life. You’ll hear a lot of people talking and you’ll hear different opinions. But despite the obstacles you encounter, never give up and lose sight of your goals. It’s also a lonely endeavor but a great man once said, “The road to greatness is to master the art of being alone”.

Anyway, contrasting to John’s soulful songs, he can be quite a racket too!

But a John Salvacruz one said: Okay, I swore to never share this to anyone but since you asked…. sometimes when I run out of shampoo, I use laundry soap for my hair. So whenever you sometimes someone smells me and they tell me my shirt smells good, nope it’s my hair.

If you want to listen to John Salvacruz’ music, be sure to listen to him on Spotify. And follow him in his social media accounts (@johnsalvacruzmusic) for his gig schedules and updates too! He’ll be releasing his album Strings and Things soon!

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