The people have spoken! Jericho Arceo wins Rising Pop Influencer of the Year! He’s fast approaching, so you better watch out!

At the PPOP Awards for Young Artists, vlogger Jericho Arceo won Rising Pop Influencer of the Year. The award ceremony was in celebration of the National Music Week for Young Artists. And we can say that, Jericho’s hard work is all paying off!

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Jericho Arceo

We have known Jericho for his fun and witty vlogs, especially those posing words of wisdom from God. And of course, his humor! It’s quite rare to see vloggers like Jericho who shares the word of God. And we love him for doing so!

In the era where it’s easy to reach a wide audience, we can share a lot of things. Actually, anything under the sun. Vlogs vary in content. We have makeup tutorials, mukbangs, product reviews, and the likes. But what sets Jericho aside from all the other blogs we’ve seen is how real he is.

He deals with topics that a few to none discusses. And everyone can relate to it. It isn’t just for makeup lovers, girls or young boys. Jericho has made it for everyone. Young and old, all genders. He’s breaking through the division of the baby boomers, generation and millennials alike.

Check out this video of Jericho that tackles toxic family culture. It’s about choosing the course in college. (We can relate, you know!)

Above all, Jericho was able to create a healthy community for his fans through his vlogs. To be honest, not every vlogger has a healthy community. Everyone knows that. But Jericho has been verging differences of everyone to make his vlogs and social media accounts a safe place. And just by that, Jericho deserves to be the Rising Pop Influencer of the Year. Not just because of the number of fans he has but because of the positive influence he carries for everyone.

We salute you, Jericho!

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