Get to know the very talented busker Jello Reyes through the very first episode of Music Dive!

We had the honor of having over Jello Reyes for the first episode of Music Dive. We got to know more about him through an interview, a very fun game that I personally enjoyed a lot, and of course, he performed two of his original songs for us!

Watch our full interview and little game with him right here:

Getting to know Jello!

Jello Reyes taught himself to play the guitar when he was only 10 years old out of his passion for music. He learned his amazing looping skills sometime last year. Last June, Jello Reyes realized that he was merely wasting effort in his previous jobs. He wanted to live his life without limits, honing his skills and passion when it comes to his music is something that he really wanted to pursue and make a career out of. He admits that financially wise, it’s tough, yet the appreciation that he gets from his listeners keeps him going.

There are phrases or things that pop into mind that triggers the creative side in him to compose songs. Of course, his emotions or feelings are part of his music. His songs are based on truth, from his personal experience, which is what makes his songs unique and different. Jello chose to busk because its where he found the way to make music whenever he wants to and support his daily expenses. It also paved the way for him to practice more and hone his skills, and of course with it, is the exposure. Jello also shares that he doesn’t think of the money, all he wants is to play because not everyone who’s starting out gets that chance easily.

Ed Sheeran?

Being invited to gigs is something that truly makes him happy. He knows that not everyone in the music industry gets that chance. Gigs are very different when it comes to busking. In busking, the listeners are only passers-by who would sometime stop to listen, but not everyone would. On gigs, however, the pressure is on because people really came there to watch you perform and would really listen.

If you didn’t know, Jello Reyes has been dubbed as the “Ed Sheeran of the Philippines” although the international artist wasn’t really his inspiration. Jello recognizes the honor and the compliment behind the comparison. However, I agree with him that being compared to a huge artist can be difficult because it’ll be hard to separate yourself as an artist with your own music.

Keep going!

Jello Reyes tells aspiring artists out there to not be lazy. Keep pushing and don’t stop. Because no lazy person would succeed. And with this, I hope more and more people would support OPM and would inspire dreamers out there to never stop pushing.

Jello’s favorite food

Paksiw is Jello Reyes’ favorite Filipino dish! This game truly induced some laughter after asking Jello to compose a short song about Paksiw. If I were you, I’d watch that part again and again. Who knew you could come up with a romantic song with Paksiw, right? 😉 Here’s the lyrics!

Pwede ba ako umawit

Gusto ko lang kasing umamin

Na sa tuwing ikaw ay makikita

Para bang ako’y mababaliw

Para kang Paksiw, Paksiw

Paborito kong Paksiw

Para kang Paksiw, Paksiw

Paborito kong Paksiw…

One thing I love about Jello’s music is how you could watch him wove an amazing performance for everyone through his looping. Like watching ingredients transform into a delicious dish or observe an artist paint a subject till the end. Not to mention, his captivating songs and amazing voice! With that, stay tuned as I talk about his two singles, ‘Scar’ and ‘Rosas’ soon!

Don’t forget to check out Jello Reyes’ Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram to track down his gigs and busking spots!

Check out his other single ‘Anna’ on Spotify as well!

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