Jello Reyes wowed us when he performed for Music Dive! Haven’t seen it yet? Then check it out now!

We got to know the very talented busker Jello Reyes through an interview and game in Music Dive. And of course, to dive into the music by getting to know the artist must include performances! With that, Jello Reyes performed for us two of his amazing originals.

Check out ‘Scar’ now!

You think I’m crazy well that’s what you made me don’t you

You made me believe all the bullshit you did

You’re so good I never listen to what they were saying bout you

I gave you everything you made me look like a fool

‘Scar’ is a painful song of how a man fell in love with a girl and was blind to all that she really was. Despite what others say, he turned a deaf ear. And for that, he was treated like a fool and ended up with a broken heart. What I loved about the single is how each word that was used was so perfect to create such a beautiful single. Full of emotions and overall heartbreaking, ‘Scar’ is something I really want to be in my playlist.


Listen to the next single that he performed for us in Music Dive entitled ‘Rosas’.

Sana ay dinggin

Ang aking hiling

Na ika’y mapasakin

Hahagkan kahit pa ako’y matinik

If ‘Scar’ is a heartbreaking song, well ‘Rosas’ is a sweet song that you could maybe serenade your crush with this Valentine’s Day! It talks of how the beauty of the person being dedicated the song to is truly captivating. To the point that even if her thorns would inflict pain, he’d still hold her close.

Watching Jello Reyes perform is a great experience. You’d not only get to hear his amazing voice and great songs but also be amazed at his talent in looping. So if I were you, I’d check out his Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram to witness him perform at bar gigs or where he’s busking around the metro.

Listen to his other single on Spotify now!

What do you think if Jello Reyes and his performance for Music Dive? Did you love his songs ‘Scar’ and ‘Rosas’? Tell us in the comment section below! Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.