Jackson Wang makes history being the first Chinese artist having the highest-charting debut album, ‘Mirrors’, on Billboard!

With the release of his launch album last September, Jackson Wang finds ‘Mirrors’ landing at the No. 32 spot on the Billboard 200 this week, becoming the highest-charting debut album ever from a Chinese artist. This marks a pace for Jackson’s slowly booming solo career.

In ‘Mirrors’, we see Jackson in a new light, showing off another side of him–very different from the flashy idol we often see. The album’s title of ‘Mirrors’ perfectly fits as a reflection of the bitter truth of one’s true self.

This also paves the way for Jackson to finally focus on Western music. And it gives off a more authentic feel being that “mirrors” pertains to baring your real personality naked for the whole world to see. It starts well for Jackson who’s still navigating his place the global-pop scene.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, give ‘Mirrors’ a listen right here!

Jackson Wang road to success

Before becoming a solo artist, Jackson Wang was famed to be the funny and fitness-focused member of the K-pop boy group, GOT7.  Working on being GOT7’s rapper and at the same time handling his own label, Team Wang, it wasn’t until 2016 when Jackson Wang began to fly solo.

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Before ‘Mirrors’, Jackson has already produced releases like 2017’s ‘Papillion’ and 2018’s ‘Different Game’ with Gucci Mane.

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