ENCORE FEATURE: ITZY is the new IT girl group

This time IT’z different! So make way for JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, ITZY!

ITZY’s debut has been long overdue! JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group ITZY just debuted with their first digital single ‘IT’z Different’. And with only a few weeks since their debut single, these bad-ass rookies have taken the world by storm.

JYP Entertainment produced iconic girl groups and artists for the past few years. Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE… you name it! And you can definitely expect that ITZY will be one of those too. It’s a five-member group composed of Yei, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryong, and Yuna. Leader Hwang Yeji, is the main dancer of the group. Some fans even compare here to BlackPink‘s Lisa and TWICE’s Momo. On the other hand, Lia is the main vocalist. Ryujin acts as the center and main rapper of the group. Chaeryeong, IZ*ONE Chae Yeon’s sister is the lead vocalist, rapper, and dancer. And last but not least, Maknae Yuna is also the visual of the group.

Much to everyone’s delight, ITZY shows that they are indeed different from the other girl groups we’ve seen. They are giving this bad-ass sophistication like they mean business. Ditching out the usual cutie-patootie vibe of usual girl groups, ITZY shows a spicy and fierce side. You’ll definitely love them for their bad-ass aesthetic. In their first track, ‘Dalla Dalla’ from their debut single, they’ve shown their talents and unique charm. It’s a totally bad-ass girl crush concept coming from them and we ain’t complaining.

Though the girls seem young and doing such a mature concept, they are surely nailing it. Adding the bad-ass vibe might be a risk, but the girls have still a long way to go. And we can definitely see them blossom in the long run.

Go check out ITZY’s Dalla Dalla and see for yourselves how cool these girls are.

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