After their 4-year long hiatus on making music, Coldplay is finally coming back into the scene!

While some reports only speculated about Coldplay’s return last time, it was finally confirmed by the band themselves with a tweet last October 19!

In the tweet was a video showing what seems to be a photograph of musicians from way back then along with the date ‘November 22, 1919‘. In the background, we could hear the sound of classical music playing.

What is this surprise? What does the date signify? We need answers!

Everyday Life

Apparently, fans have been receiving typewritten letters from Coldplay themselves. With details regarding their upcoming album, the letters are just very brilliant, heartfelt, and personal. Moreover, it seems like they are going for something that feels really old and vintage.

As fans share the letters they received on Instagram, we are given more information as to what we should look forward to.

Dear friends,

My typing isn’t very good, I’m sorry. I and we hope wherever you are you’re ok. For the last 100 years or thereabouts we have been working on a thing called Everyday Life.

In the classifieds you might write “double album for sale, one very careful owner”. One half is called ‘sunrise’, the other ‘sunset’. It comes out 22 November. It is sort of how we feel about things.

We send much love to you.

From hibernation,

Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will Champion

How sweet are they? Ugh, just one month to go but we just can’t wait! ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ was out last 2015, and it just feels like decades since then! Moreover, we’re really looking forward to this because Chris Martin specifically mentioned that he wanted to ‘surprise’ the fans.

We strongly feel that the upcoming album will have a classical music vibe. It is just super exciting!

Are you excited for their comeback? How do you think the album will sound like? More importantly, do you think they’re actually immortals? (They actually mentioned that they have been working on Everyday Life for a hundred years now).

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