John Lloyd Cruz is back, this time behind the camera, as he directs Sugar Hiccup’s music video for “Saturnine Nevermore”.

To be honest, we don’t really care that much if we would see John Lloyd Cruz once again on television. He is already iconic and has touched the lives of many.

So it’s just really nice to know he is pursuing his other passions to the next level as he now makes his debut in music video directing.

Watch the MV for Sugar Hiccup’s ‘Saturnine Nevermore’ directed by our very own Lloydie.

SPOILER ALERT: You would see a very familiar face in the music video.

Idan Cruz

You may not know that John Lloyd, whose real name is Idan Cruz, is ~artsy~. Making his debut as an artist two years ago, Idan Cruz’s medium is photography.

Since then, he has been actively sharing his art through different shows and exhibits around Metro Manila.

Here are some of his photos.

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He also loves taking videos, a fact which could be blatantly observed in the music video that he himself directed and shot.

Other than that, he had also posted on his already deleted Instagram a poem entitled ‘Mga Ibon’ which was allegedly dedicated to his son Elias.

Wow Lloydie, what other skills are you hiding from us?

What we could observe from his art is that it is simple — nothing too grand, nothing too overwhelming.

His photos and his videos were even shot just through his very own mobile phone.

Simplicity is beauty nga talaga.

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Let’s face it though, not everyone can appreciate simplicity. Some are criticizing Idan Cruz, asking for the meaning behind his art.

But isn’t it the viewer’s job to find meaning in the art of others?

Shouldn’t we respect the decision of the artist to share his craft anyway?

Food for thought

You really can’t please everyone. You may be the greatest or the best in something yet there are still people who will find flaws in what you do.

But as we say in U Do U, you do you! But only as long as you are not stepping on other people.

Express yourself in ways you are comfortable with; exhibit your art! Someone, even just one, will relate to your art in one way or another.

In the case of Idan Cruz, we honestly really like his art, especially the music video.

The shots he took showed repetition and variation, showing the beauty in things that may be considered mundane. It made us feel a lot of things from uncertainty, to discovery, to acceptance.

However, that’s just our perspective.

How did YOU interpret the music video?

Are you a big fan of John Lloyd Cruz? How do you like his art? Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.