After the release of their album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ and their accompanying world tour, Coldplay has taken a hiatus on making music.

Now, there are reports that Coldplay is coming back into the scene soon! Apparently, they would release a surprise album by the end of November. After that, another album would then be released next year. And after that, a great accompanying world tour may also take place.

This had happened before with ‘Ghost Stories’ and ‘A Head Full of Dreams’. And honestly, even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, we already can’t freaking wait for it! Can time go any faster?

As the sources also say, Chris Martin has been busy during their break on some new material that would ‘surprise’ everyone.

You always surprise us though, Chris. 

The fandom’s reactions

Because of these news, we can’t help but to scream at everything. COLDPLAY IS COMING BACK! Obviously, the rest of the fan base also likewise agrees.

Look at some of the fans’ tweets below.

Ugh, new music from this phenomenal band will just be the death of us. We can already imagine crying as Coldplay soothes us with their beautiful words, and their heavenly sound, and their sensational songs.

But enough fangirling, how about YOU? Are you a Coldplay fan too? What do you think about these rumors for their comeback?

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