Since Ana’s absence, TI8 champions OG are set to find their carry stand in. Pajkatt has left and iLTW joins OG. Will he bring a breath of fresh air for the champs?

The International 8 champions, OG has undergone roster changes in a short amount of time. With the absence of their best player, Anathan “ana” Pham, OG has been trying to fill the void he has left. Undeniably, the OG’s TI8 roster was their best one yet. But with ana taking a break, they have to find a stand-in as soon as possible.

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Pers Anders “Pajkatt” Olsson Lille was the first replacement they took. But after a few weeks, OG has announced Pajkatt’s departure, less than a week before Bucharest Minor. They’ve mentioned in their Facebook post that despite Pajkatt’s potential, the chemistry wasn’t just working.

“OG’s spirit has always been the one of trust and stability. We do not shy away from challenges or hard work, as you all know. We brought in Pajkatt. He is a very mechanically gifted player, a great DotA mind but also a truly professional team member.
During the weeks following his addition to our DotA 2 roster, we faced chemistry issues.
We realized there was not enough space in OG for Pajkatt to express his full potential. His profile, at the end of the way, no matter how excellent it is, did not match.”
– OG
And a day after, OG announced the new addition to their team. Joining them as stand-in core player is Igor “iLTW” Filatov from the Russian team, ESPADA. iLTW has played as a stand-in for OG in previous games in the European Regional Qualifiers for the Chingqing Major.

Indeed, choosing him was a no-brainer since he’s familiar with the team already. In the 4 games he played with OG, iLTW had an average KDA of 7.83 with a 716 GPM and 663 XPM as the position 1 player.

iLTW and OG

OG is known for discovering diamond-in-the-rough players and producing them as the best players of Dota 2. All thanks to Johan “n0tail” Sundstein. He’s been known to be one of the best talent scouts in the game. n0tail was the one who discovered Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi, who won two Majors with OG and is also a TI champion under Team Liquid.

After Miracle-, Anathan “ana” Pham followed. He also helped OG won two more Majors. And together with ana, their previous recruit, Topias “Topson” Taavitsaine helped won them The Internation 8 Aegis of Champions.

iLTW could be OG’s next best player in Dota 2. Which isn’t impossible since he’s regarded as one of the most mechanically skilled players in the CIS region. Last March 2018, he proved to be a breakout talent when he played on Team Russia and won WESG 2017. During his time with Team Russia, he was able to play with Vladimir ‘No[o]ne‘ Minenko and showed great skills without looking out of place. He had a KDA of 6.33, the second-best average in Team Russia and was among the highest across the entire tournament.

Under OG’s care, iLTW can outdo himself for sure. Fans are hoping that iLTW can be OG’s strength and help them all throughout the DPC Circuit period.

Will it be a game changer as iLTW joins OG? How long do you think he can last with the big boys? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh