Here are some offerings for you Mayonation!

Even though we’re all hunkered down in this quarantine, it’s amazing how our local bands still manage to serve us fresh songs! In line with that, Monty Macalino from Mayonnaise and  Raymond Marasigan from Sandwich released a Deluxe Version of ‘Nais Lang Kitang Saktan/Tama Na Yan‘.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream the Radio Edit below!


Wondering why it’s Deluxe Version? Well, aside from listening to #MayoRams’ collaboration track, they offered also the full version both merged track which are Nais lang Kitang Saktan by Raymond Marasigan himself and Tama Yan by Monty Macalino.  Plus, you can listen also to ‘Bakit Part 1 ECQ Version‘ of Mayonnaise! These are really quite a surprise to be added on our playlist, right?

What’s More

To tell you, #MayoRayms collaboration ‘Nais Kitang Saktan/Tama Na Yan’ supposedly to be planned last year for Mayonnaise’s eighth studio album but for some reason it didn’t work out until the long weeks of quarantine happened. The said track also was released last May 19 and it is the 3rd single off of Mayonnaise’s 8th studio album, coming this year! 


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