ENCORE FEATURE: These Female Indie Artists Are Slaying The Music Scene

It’s amazing how our indie music scene is continuously growing—it just proves that OPM is not dead, despite numerous accusations from people who do not even know how to appreciate local music. Slowly but surely, we’re getting the attention that our artists deserve.

And amidst the breakout of OPM bands, these female indie artists stood out, defining the true essence of girl power:


photo from Coeli’s official Facebook page

Coeli San Luis undoubtedly stands out with her cello and folk-pop songs. Well, how unique it is to have a local artist who sings OPM tracks with her cello?! And don’t even get me started with her hair, oh my. For starters, listen to her hit song, Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan.

Clara Benin

photo from Clara’s official Facebook page

Parallel Universe singer Clara Benin probably tops my list of female indie artists in the country. Left and right gigs and shows—and yet she remains down to earth. Plus, it’s almost impossible not to love her because of her sweet voice and angelic face.

Reese Lansangan

photo from Reese’s official Facebook page

Reese Lansangan’s Home is the most adorable thing. And did you know that this girl is a published writer, too? She’s basically all in one, and her YouTube videos are pretty cool! To be honest, it may be hard to spot the difference between CB and RL’s style if you’re not an avid fan. But, you guys, they’re both really good artists.

Keiko Necesario

photo from Keiko’s official Facebook page

Have you heard Keiko’s Away From The Current? If not, you definitely should. The intro itself makes you feel like you’re in a music video, with the perfect touch of sweet and sensible. One thing we know— she can do both upbeat and acoustic.

Cheenee Gonzalez

photo from Cheenee’s official Facebook page

Another coffee house music, Cheenee Gonzalez’s songs will make or break your heart. For those of you who can’t move on from a past love, listen to her song Still In Love With You. Actually, all her songs speak of heartbreak, and I’m pretty sure you’ll relate to her music one way or another.

Leanne and Naara

photo from Leanne and Naara’s official Facebook page

Although they’re individually talented singers, the duo is of course way better. Leanne and Naara are known worldwide, which is a pretty good mark for the OPM industry. In all honesty they remind me of the international singers Jayesslee. Listen to their song Againand their cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

B.P. Valenzuela

photo from BP’s official Facebook page

Acoustic songs aside, B.P. Valenzuela stays in her upbeat, electro-pop music. You’ll definitely love her if you’re in the mood for chill tracks on a girl’s night out. But what really makes her influential is that she’s vocal about her sexuality, and I hope she as a person will continue to inspire other LGBTQ artists out there. Bbgirl is one proof!

These are just some of the female indie artists in the local scene, there are tons out there waiting to be discovered!

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