Fueled by their passion to create music that everyone can relate to, Insanara is the type of band you would want to listen to! And like any other band, it is formed with time and a whole lotta history. Let’s get to know them!

Formed in 2006 in Iligan City, Insanara is the brainchild of Jason Ramos. Members came and went, and the band definitely went through a lot in its 13-year run.


Off to an unusual start, this band started out in a family of musicians. One day, their frontman Jason just got tired of doing the showband district and decided he wants to write his own songs. He asked his cousins to perform with him as a band and voila, Insanara was formed. Not many of us might know this, but “Insanara” is actually a fusion of the words “insan” or “pinsan” (the Tagalog word for cousin), and Sanara which is reversed for Aranas, the middle name they share. Quite a catchy name, if you ask me. It’s one you won’t easily forget!

Such is Insanara’s beginning, but I think it takes more than a group of musicians to form a band. I think that it’s when Jason made the choice to create his own songs that the band really started. It required the decision. If that decision wasn’t made, things would have laid out differently. But because of that decision, Insanara is alive and existing today, and they are letting their music out to the world!

What is Insanara today?

Already, a lot can happen in a year, let alone in 13 years. And in the years that passed Insanara, of course, there have been changes. For one, his cousins left the band for personal reasons, and so new members were recruited. Still, though, he kept true to the band’s roots and decided to keep the name. Today, Insanara inspires and breaks us by writing love songs that we can easily relate to. To them, creating music means creating something that is true to themselves and narrating something that happens in real life. Maybe that’s why we can’t get over their songs!

Today, Insanara has progressed into a band that fuses their styles from their own personal influences. They target people like all of us who are in love with their “hugot” songs in the narrative form, and I think that it’s quite fitting that we get up close and personal by getting to know them individually!

Jason Ramos

As we already know, Jason is the vocalist and frontman of the band. He also formed Insanara! A singer-songwriter, Jason writes the songs for the band, basing them on love and calling them “hugot” songs. We now know who is behind the band’s singles! And we must let you know, this guy is a man after our own hearts. He considers eating as a past time! If you’re ever to come across him at gigs, just give the guy some food and I’m sure he’ll love you.

Miguel Tiamzon

Time for strings! Miguel stands as the lead guitarist for Insanara. So if you listen to their songs, you already know where the sick riffs come from! If Jason’s past time is eating, Miguel is quite different. Fun fact: he likes sleeping. Who doesn’t?! I’d sleep all day if I can! So we get you, Miguel. We suddenly feel like we got Jason’s and Miguel’s past time combined, LOL!

AJ Perez Coronel

The person you’d find tickling those ivories is AJ. Definitely say hi to him when you meet him! We assume he’s quite the friendly type. Why? Well, his bandmates shared that he is actually quite the joker. We’d definitely love to hear one of his jokes!

Renz Santelices

The bass’s low notes are what completes a song, and sometimes, what defines it. Renz does just that for the band! Insanara’s bassist, he is also the newest recruit for Insanara. We’re sure he’s enjoying his time playing for the band!

Rex Reyes

A drummer is usually like the backbone of the band, as Brody Armstrong would say. And if you’re asking who Insanara’s spine is, meet Rex Reyes! The beats to the song make it or break it, and we’re in awe at how Rex plays for the songs that Jason wrote.

So far, they have two singles released on Spotify namely ‘Di Na Sana’ and ‘Forever with You’, despite only having started last year. But it’s not that surprising, considering the passion that these guys have for music. They want to tell a story and be heard. Also, this band believes that failure is not the opposite of success, but rather a part of a bigger goal. It makes sense if you think about it, it’s something that can be applied both in their music career, or anything we want to achieve in life. So don’t stop honing your art. It’s as they say, you only get good by playing.

Definitely stream their songs on Spotify! We promise you won’t regret it!

Insanara is definitely a band to watch out for in the scene. And we can’t wait to hear their next releases! What do you think about Insanara band? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.