Are you ready for one of the finest rising hugot bands in the Ph today? Get to know CHNDTR and know how hugot-core came to be!

There are many genres in the OPM scene and a lot of new ones are emerging today. Of course, that comes with the ever-changing world that we live in. One thing’s for sure tho. We’ll never run out of hugoteras and hugoteros in the Ph. And CHNDTR probably has the perfect hugot songs for you! They didn’t start the genre hugot-core for nothing.

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Who is CHNDTR?

CHNDTR is a 4 piece band formed April 2016. The band is composed of Chin Detera (Guitarist/Lead Vocals), Eric JP (Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals), Sean de Leon (Bassist), and Benjo Criste (Drummer). It all started in college. 2016, Chin and Eric were schoolmates and loved jamming together, later on, they’ve decided to form a band. They had some of their friends to audition for the remaining parts to fill for the band. After a month, Sean and Benjo completed CHNDTR. The same year, they won Grand Champion in Deli Music Festival Battle of the Bands 2016 by Robinsons Supermarket. Can this band get any more awesome?!

What is Hugot-core?

In an interview they’ve had before, they jokingly said that their style was hugot-core since most of their songs has so much feels to it. Ever since then, it stuck with the band and their fans and eventually became their very own genre. Talk about individuality. Kudos to the band making their own identity!

CHNDTR songs

If you’re in search for that swak hugot song here’s a list of songs in their first album Habang Umuulan.

  1. Maw!
  2. S.I.L
  3. 413
  4. Babalik Ka Pa Ba
  5. Kulang
  6. Martyr
  7. Anino
  8. Walang Iba
  9. S.I.L – 8-Bit Version
  10. Babalik Ka Pa Ba – Valentine’s Day Version

Listen to all of them, they’re pretty bomb! Here’s our personal favorite.

Right. In. The. Feels.

Appearances, performances, and what next for CHNDTR

CHNDTR, despite them being fairly new to the game, was already featured in many radio stations, tv show, and gig all over the country. To name a few of their appearances, they showcased their incredible music in Tower Radio, Glasstone Studio, and Wish 107.5. Here’s their performance in the Tower of Doom:

Cool right? Aside from their guestings, they’ve recently become Pony Ph’s newest brand ambassador. Ariiiiight! This band is on a roll!

Still not convinced that CHNDTR is one of the awesomest rising bands out there? Well, they adore their fans so much that they’ve arranged an event dedicated for to them called Mimaws Night, it will be held this December 7, at Upper Cabin Makati. Also, they’ve got new songs in the works with Tower of Doom Records that will be released soon. How ’bout now? Yes, right? That’s what we thought.

CHNDTR’s career is currently on overdrive and we can’t wait to see this spectacular band hit the mainstream! Congratulations to your success, CHNDTR and more power!

Listen to their songs on Spotify.

Are you a Mimaws? Did you like our article “Get To Know CHNDTR”? Did we miss something? Are you currently listening to their songs? Are you crying? Let us know down the comment section below! If you are (virtual hug). Also, connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Let’s hugot together!

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