Get to know the bubbly person behind the very talented artist, Frizzle Anne, through Music Dive!

I first learned about Frizzle Anne back in October last year. I saw her video singing with Kean Cipriano and learned that she was one of the first of the artists under O/C Records. And finally, I had the honor of getting to know more about this promising artist when I had her over for Music Dive!

Frizzle Anne started singing when she was only 3 years old. She was able to bring it to school, church, and even weddings. When she started working and realized that she can’t pursue music, her loneliness over the realization made her decide to continue it. And from there, she was discovered by Martin Riggs in her gig at SaGuijo, who connected her to Kean Cipriano, and finally led her to become a part of O/C Records.

Music is an escape

“Music is my escape. I write songs whenever I’m sad, I write songs whenever I’m happy. I write songs whenever I’m tired.”

Frizzle Anne’s perspective in life changed through music and made her tap into her emotions even more. And of course, to be free from her emotions through music.

When asked what was the biggest lesson Kean Cipriano taught her, she answered,

“It’s all about the music. It’s not about the artist, it’s about the song.”

Everyone wants to be big, but Frizzle shares that it’s all about the song and the music, that you could give to your listeners.

No shortcuts!

Play the gigs required, no shortcuts. Frizzle Anne’s advice to aspiring artists out there is to really work hard. You have to go through everything, through all the process. All the struggles and obstacles because you have to be patient. And as long as it’s really your passion, no matter how many people would doubt you, do it!

Frizzle Anne and her music

‘Di Para Sa’kin

Frizzle Anne’s debut single entitled ”Di Para Sa’kin‘ was truly a song that got to me when I first heard it last year. It speaks of how we have someone that we love by our side, but we know that their laughter and smiles are not meant for us. The “You’re my person, but I’m not yours” kind of thing.

During my interview with Frizzle Anne however, the song is not only about love or romantic feelings. “Hindi para sa akin ‘to” is what she tells herself whenever an opportunity passes her by in order to be positive and not let misdirection bring her down.

Pwede Ba?

Pwede ba?
Tanggihan na kita o
Layuan mo na ako
Paalam na
Pwede ba?

If only it was that easy to set out and directly ask a person if you can finally reject them. Or if they could finally just leave you for good instead of constantly wondering about where your relationship is headed, right?

Pwede Ba?‘ is Frizzle Anne’s second released single—painful and relatable, it’s no mystery why I can’t wait till next year for her next album! For someone who’s in a happy relationship, this girl can really attack us with her painful songs, huh?

Ya girl is good at Whisper Challenge!

What’s Music Dive without a fun game with the artist, right? Here’s Frizzle Anne being able to answer everything on our Whisper Challenge:

Can’t get enough of Frizzle Anne? No worries because we’d definitely be hearing and seeing more from her! But for now, don’t forget to stream her songs on Spotify!

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