Bringing good music for the soul about love, hate, and everything in between—Fourplay shares their music here at Music Dive!

The six-piece alternative rock band, Fourplay, possess a great set of songs that everyone can relate to. They’ve definitely proven themselves with their songs that they are proud of. With their arsenal, they bring soulful and relatable songs about love, hate and everything in between.

Fourplay is lead by Pio Bagnol on vocals and guitars. Joining him are Tin Garcia on rhythm, Bogart Calubayan on bass and Jacob Pacifico on drums. Aside from them, the band also has Lawrence Luna on lead guitars and Stephen Dela Cruz on keyboards. Pio usually writes the songs and creates instrumental arrangements at the same time. Talented, right? After that, he runs through his song ideas to the band and they work on it as a team as they complete the sound that they want.

From being a project band, now they have their own EP called ‘Love, Hate. and Everything In Between‘. (I’ve been saying that quite a lot, right?) Inspired by the EP title itself, their songs reflect on their personal experiences in life. And yes, it revolves on the love, hate, and everything in between… (Yah got me!) Anywaaaaay, the band knows how to pluck the heartstrings and get you to relate to their songs big time. So if you’re looking for that perfect alternative rock songs to suit your taste buds, then Fourplay should be your go-to. (Because they certainly are my go-to.)

One Night Stand

Sobrang gulo, san ba ako tinamaan

Sa alak o sayo?

Nahihilo, pagsikat ba ng araw

Ikaw pa ba at ako? 

One of their hit songs, ‘One Night Stand‘ surely brings us to confusion. With the kind of sexy vibe the song emits, you’d be confused with how the song tells its story. The guitar riffs bring out the atmosphere the song wants you to feel. The title itself sounds trivial, especially it leaves you thinking about sexual innuendos, am I right?

But it paints the picture of a “one night stand” perfectly. To find yourself falling for someone who’s just a one night stand, that’s a bit of sad. It would get you thinking, is it the alcohol working wonders or is it the person itself making you fall for them. We’ve probably had that kind of experience. Finding yourself questioning your feelings. Was it just liquid courage or not? That’s just perplexing and gut-wrenching.

Best of Me

‘Cause baby you’re the everything that I’ve got

I promise that I’ll give you everything that I have

‘Cause baby you’re the best of me, best of me

Baby you’re love will always set me free

Eargasm! You can definitely hear all the instruments of the band blending in together. And it’s perfection! ‘Best of Me’ isn’t out yet on Spotify but it’s a treat to hear this song during their gigs around the metro.

‘Best of Me’ sounds positive, if you ask me. An ode to your beloved, saying that they are the best part of your life. Or your whole being, per se. I mean, anyone would be swooning, head over heels if this song gets dedicated to them.

But somehow, there’s a wave of sadness that crashes down at some point. It sounds like you’re asking your significant other to stay as they are the best thing that happened in your life. Ugh, that sounds sad, right? That’s how ambiguous ‘Best of Me’ can be. And it really works for anyone alright. Be it your in love or heartbroken. (I see what you did there, Fourplay!)

If you listen close enough, you’d really love how every instrument of the band comes together. It goes to show how intricate and meticulous these guys are. And we’re not even complaining here!

Better listen to them on Spotify because they’ll definitely make your nights! They still haven’t added some of their songs but we’re hoping to hear their EP in Spotify soon!

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