This is not a drill! There’s a Filipino idol group in town called SB19 and everyone’s going crazy about them!

In case you missed it, a video of a Pinoy idol group went viral last night and it had everyone go crazy. The viral video featured SB19 showing off their dance practice for their latest track, ‘Go Up’. And it seems like they’re off to something from here on.

SB19 started out a year ago with its 5 members, Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin. All of them went under rigorous training and preparations to be part of the group. And yes, all of them can dance, sing, compose their own music and do their own choreography, just like our beloved K-pop idol groups.

Under the banner of ShowBT, a Korean entertainment company, they debuted with their track called Tilaluha. Back then, they weren’t able to cement their presence in the local music scene. But this time, it seems like they will be able to make a movement as the first-ever Filipino idol group heavily-influenced by their Korean counterparts.

P-pop: K-pop but with the familiar Filipino flair

True enough, they’re being recognized because of the heavy influence of K-pop sound and style present in their branding. However, according to the boys themselves, they prefer to be identified as P-pop artists. True, they create music similar to K-pop but they lay it out with Filipino lyrics. And to be perfectly honest, it ain’t cringey at all. Just goes to show that they’re dead set and serious about breaking through the industry and showing a new genre to be ventured.

And their latest single, ‘Go Up’ proves that they do have what it takes to make it big. You can check out their songs, especially ‘Go Up’ on Spotify!

Come to think of it, we’ve seen a lot of attempts to do idol groups in the country. Both male and female. But so far, the successful one yet is MNL48, Japan’s AKB48’s sister group. And if SB19 continues to ride the wave, then this might be the big break they’re looking for. Anyway, a hundred days more till they make a comeback so you better stay tuned!

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