There’s a notion among Filipinos today that if you support the local hip-hop scene you’re automatically considered “jeje” and IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

But what exactly is “jeje” or “jejemon”? Well, it’s a collective term pertaining to things or people who belong to the lower class. Basically, a Filipino slang to diss uncool or cheap things.

And how did it came to be? We all know the Philippines is heavily influenced by Western pop culture and we have this tendency to always look at what they have as something better. And that does not exclude their hip-hop scene.

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But mind you, this “jeje” thing happened after the poetic age of hip-hop promulgated by artists such as Francis Magalona and Gloc-9. Now, we’re diving into a more modern style of hip-hop that uses rapping, synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, or DJ mixer. It’s notorious for its catchy beat and rhythm. And other people often compare American artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, Kanye West and many more to our local artists in terms of appearance, lyrics, and style.

And they always make it clear that we have the Divisoria version or a knockoff. But in reality, why are we comparing? Aren’t we glad enough, our hip-hop artists are making their own distinct style to make Filipino music heard? AND IT’S ACTUALLY GOOD!

Don’t believe us? Here are some Filipino hip-hop artists and their songs you might want to listen to change your mind. And if you happen to like them, you’re welcome. And if you don’t, we won’t be mad because–well–it’s YOUR personal taste in music. But still, we want to give Filipino hip-hop a new light to diminish the negative notions surrounding it.

1. Steven Peregrina – Wasted

2. Just Hush – Shinobi

3. Shanti Dope – Nadarang

4. Al James – Pa-umaga

5. Skusta Clee – Sa Susunod Na Lang

6. Because – OTW

7. Kiyo – Urong Sulong

8. Alisson Shore – Violet

9. ALLMO$T – Dalaga

10. Bawal Clan – R U Aaliyah?

Catch our full playlist here:

In the end, everybody has different tastes. And it’s not like we’re asking you to like Filipino hip-hop, just learn to accept the changes in the music scene and don’t be a killjoy, let others enjoy the things they like. Let’s all help each other in further promoting our local hip-hop artists, instead of downright labeling them as “cheap” or “uncool”.


And it doesn’t matter if you think Drake is better, because for all we know, they had to start nowhere but at the bottom and now they’re here! And that’s what we hope to see for Filipino hip-hop in the future!

How about you? Do you think Filipino hip-hop is ‘jeje’ or not? Let us know what you think! So share with us your thoughts and questions down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. And if you liked this story then make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!