World-renowned DJ KYGO is set to perform in Manila and we bet you’re as excited as we are to see him live! So to build the hype even more, here are our favorite KYGO tracks that you should add to your lit playlist before his Manila show.

One of the most hyped electronic artists, Kygo, sets out for his world tour. And we are P U M P E D. The Kids in Love Tour Manila leg is happening next week, October 25th and we are just so stoked for this event happening at the Mall of Asia Arena on Thursday.

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And now that we’re sure you’re going to the show—you know you are!—here’s a list of our favorite Kygo tracks that you’d most probably hear at the concert. So check these official videos out, and make sure you add ’em to your Spotify playlist (if you still haven’t)!

10. First Time (feat. Ellie Goulding)

We bet you have swayed at least twice to the beat of this song that made to the Top 100 last year! We still can’t stop swaying to this hit about teenage love, especially with Ellie Goulding’s voice captivating us in the ‘First Time’. *sigh*

9. Born To Be Yours (feat. Imagine Dragons)

I never knew anybody ’til I knew you
I never knew anybody ’til I knew you
And I know when it rains, oh, it pours
And I know I was born to be yours

We’re sure you’ave sang to the notes of ‘Born To Be Yours’ featuring Imagine Dragons! Because we know we definitely have!

8. Kids In Love (feat. The Night Game)

You should definitely listen and add ‘Kids In Love’ featuring The Night Game in your playlist! A chill jam that you could practically play anytime, anywhere. No wonder Kygo’s world tour is named after this timeless song.

7. Carry Me (feat. Julia Michaels)

If you must know, ‘Carry Me’ featuring Julia Michaels was played in the 2016 Summer Olympics. And it surely was the perfect song for the big event’s closing ceremony!

6. Remind Me To Forget (feat. Miguel)

Despite the torture that comes along with break-ups, Kygo and Miguel made sure that you could still dance to the beat despite the pain. No wonder ‘Remind Me To Forget’ was a chart-topping song as well!

5. Stay (feat. Maty Noyes)

Thought I could leave you
‘Cause I felt my heart numbing
It hit so deep I closed my eyes and I just took off running
I turned around and saw the look on your face
So I stay

We can’t help but sing to this song right from its intro! And we surely can’t help ourselves from dancing away to the siiiiiick tune of ‘Stay’ featuring Maty Noyes. A fun and upbeat song like this should make its way to your playlist!  We know we have it on repeat. *wink*

4. Stole The Show (feat. Parson James)

Kygo and and Parson James really ‘Stole The Show’ with this hot track, and we are sure that DJ Kygo would steal everyone’s heart during the concert on Thursday! *dreams*

3. Stargazing (feat. Justine Jesso)

Kygo definitely hit it off with this hot tune ‘Stargazing’ with Justine Jesso. And we would most probably witness DJ Kygo break out his piano talents with this one during his concert–– exciting, right?

2. Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell)

Our hearts are like
And when they strike
We feel the love
Sparks will fly
They ignite our bones
And when they strike
We light up the world!

The tour would definitely light up the world with ‘Firestone’ featuring Conrad Sewell, and if you haven’t fallen in love with this song yet, you should definitely stream it now on Spotify so you dance off to this upbeat track!

1. It Ain’t Me (Selena Gomez)

Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?
Who’s gonna rock you when the sun won’t let you sleep?
Who’s waking up to drive you home when you’re drunk and all alone?
Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?

Despite the painful lyrics etched in this chart-topping track ‘It Ain’t Me’ featuring Selena Gomez, DJ Kygo did it again by making it a dance-worthy song. And this might just be the very much-awaited song for the #KidsinLoveTour!

Hyped enough yet? Stream these songs and more!

Ready yourselves for the Kids in Love Tour happening on October 25 by adding these hot Kygo tracks to your Spotify playlist!

What do you think of our favorite Kygo tracks? Do you think we should add more? Tell us in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.