The eccentric OPM band that brought us amazing music and bizarro yet extremely creative MVs, Tanya Markova! Luckily, we got the chance to have an exclusive interview with Tanya Markova!

White paint covered faces and feel good music! Yep! It’s Tanya Markova. This quirky band has definitely marked their spot in the OPM scene because who else could ever pull-off their unconventional gimmicks and antics? No one!

So how about we get to know the band even more? Check out our amusing exclusive interview with them!

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The members!

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To know Tanya Markova, one must know why they are called Tanya Markova. If you thought there’s a deeper reason to that well, you be the judge cause when asked about why this is their band name they said that they thought it sounded clownish, eccentric, and easy to remember so they just went with it. Were you expecting more? Same. But hey, it makes sense!

Tanya Markova is almost equivalent to “bizarre clowns” in the OPM scene. Also, if you didn’t already know, the band is composed of Norma Love (Lead vocals), Iwa Motors (Co-lead vocals/additional guitar), Mowmow (Backing vocals/tambourine/percussion), Skrovak Iskopankjo (Bass), Isabel Olé (Lead guitar), Rez Curtis (Rhythm guitar), Robot Jaworski(Keyboard/backing vocals), and Levy Poe (Drums).

The ‘Disney’ hitmaker members are all currently working but before that, of course, they went to school just like most of us. Norma Love went to San Beda and studied Philosophy and Human Resource Development, Iwa is also a Bedan, Robot is a graduate of UST, and Isabel Ole is a Colasa who studied Conservatory of Music.

How the band began

Every band has their own history with Tanya Markova they started with the Bedans, Iwa and Norma Love, being friends in back in college. Skrovak, Rez, and Mow were all from Sta. Ana and they used to hang out with the first two mentioned a lot then and been friends ever since.

They all enjoy music! When the former members of the band left, they met Robot, Levy and Ole. They expressed how grateful they are that the band is still intact and making music!

The one and only, Tanya Markova

The eccentric band’s inspiration for their wacko concept are Vaudeville, fiesta suits, theatre, clowns, and old school Anime. They started performing via ticket selling. What they’d do was buy the tickets that needed to be sold then a few people would show up to the gig.

They enjoyed it thoroughly cause they didn’t have to worry about who is watching, they just played their hearts out and have a blast. This chapter of their career is considered by the band as an awesome story to tell their grandkids.

We already know that this outstanding band throws out amazing music that we devour like bread to a pigeon, but what are the stories behind the songs? What are the inspirations and how do the band consider their music unique from the rest?

Well, apparently they said their music isn’t really that different, their inspirations are life and the things that they observe. They love to share stories like everyone else, it’s just that they use a different approach.

An inspiration!

We don’t know ’bout y’all but starting from scratch and then being able to contribute to the OPM scene is inspiring!

With the success that they have attained, it is only fitting that we ask the band for some advice for the aspiring artists/bands in the OPM scene. The members said that they should keep writing songs, do not stop learning and developing your craft, go and play gigs, don’t drop out of school, never surrender, and believe in yourself!

Ahh. It’s always refreshing to receive wise words from one of OPM’s finest. We hope that this would be helpful for our beloved OPM artist aspirers out there!

Who is the ‘chickboy’ member?

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Enough with the serious stuff, it’s time to reveal who the ‘chickboy’ is in the band. And without reluctance, they answered that their manager, R2 a.k.a Emiliong Dollarman, is without contest the ‘chickboy’!

But then took it back and said that they are all good boys and are always well behaved. Really doe? Dudes with such talent and good looks are good boys? Kidding! 😉

Craziest gig? Care to share?

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This one’s gross! They shared that during their performance in Pulp Summerslam someone threw a plastic with urine in it (Disgusting!) towards the stage. They were thankful that it didn’t hit anyone cause they said if it did happen it would have been a mess! WTF? Who in the right mind would do such a thing? Gahd! Throw flowers and lover instead, how ’bout that?

OPM crushes?

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When asked about their ultimate OPM crush they answered the iconic Barbie Almalbis because according to them she never ages. We totally agree! We mean, look at the gorgeous woman! Timeless!

Favorite song to cover?

Apparently, the band doesn’t cover much because they said that they’re bad at it (Really? We think not!). They prefer singing their original songs. But if anything, ‘Legs’ by Hagibis would be the jam they’d cover because it is upbeat and fun to dance to.

It’s laglagan time!

We asked the band to give one silly trivia about each and these are their answers! Try not to laugh too much! 😉

Norma Love

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“Feeling athletic. Pajiujijiujitsu tsaka surf eh bano naman.”

Iwa Motors

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“Nag aalala sya kung magpapalda pa rin ba siya kung nasa 40s na siya. Haha.”


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“Minaster na nya yung tambourine! Nageensayo pa siya ng sarili bago mag gig.”

Skrovak Iskopanjo

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“Hindi siya nagprapractice kaya kinakalawang minsan. Haha. Buti na lang natural yung talent niya bilang bahista. Malupit siya actually pano pa kaya pag nagpractice siya. Haha.”

Rez Curtis

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“Drunken master yan! Kaya niya matulog sa stage ng naggigitara.”

Robot Jaworski

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“Madami syang collection ng toys. Hehe. Suki siya ng Toycon every year.”

Isabel Ole

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“Shooter sa basketball pero tamad dumepensa. Haha”

Levy Poe

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“Pinapapalo siya sa Wilabaliw dati kaso umatras siya kasi di niya kaya schedule. Haha.”

Emilliong Dollarman

“Siya pinakapogi sa lahat.”

Wow! They went hard on those trivia! Who wouldn’t love this wacky and down to earth band? Well, that was the extent of our exclusive interview with Tanya Markova! We are grateful that they’ve given us a little bit of their time despite their busy schedule. We wish them more success throughout their career!

Tanya Markova is currently under Tower of Doom Music. They are planning to release their 3rd full-length album before the year ends.

You can also check them out on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on Spotify for your listening pleasure!

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