There’s no way but up for one of our favorite OPM bands. And who else are we talking about this time but Up Dharma Down—or should we say, UDD?

Formed back in 2004, this band was known as Up Dharma Down (now UDD). And their vocalist/keyboardist Armi Millare gained attention for having a distinguishable female singing voice. In fact, this trait of hers even gained her recognition for being Best Female Award (and even Best New Artist) at WHO GAVE THIS AWARD?. Plus on the same year, in 2005, the band won the coveted In the Raw Award at the NU 107 Rock Awards.

Those are quite big awards for a budding OPM band! And that’s when we knew that this band was here to stay.

And as they made it in the music industry, they produced three albums named Fragmented, Bipolar and Capacities released under Ternon Recordings, introducing a different flavor to the OPM scene.

Yep, this prominent band composed of Armi Millare, Carlos Tañada, Ean Mayor and Paul Yap has been around for the last 15 years. And we’re glad they’re here to stay.

Many of us aspiring musicians idolized Armi and UDD for their musical success.

Their eclectic approach has gotten us both SHOOKT and HOOKED!

And you guys know what that means. It’s time for an all out UDD jam on the loop! Here are some of the band’s greatest tracks in one playlist just for you!

Want more of UDD? Don’t worry, y’all can play an endless UDD jam through Spotify so click that link and add ’em to your playlist now!

Let’s revisit some of the UDD highlights by U Do U!

Remember that cutesy music video that UDD had with adorable Mizuki Shida? That one was a hit! And thanks to that MV, we know now what it’s like to date a Japanese cutie.

Last year, we went up close and personal by having an exclusive interview with the UDD gang. And we have to admit, this was quite the unforgettable experience!

Check out more of this at ‘What You Need to Know About UDD’s 14 Successful Years in Music‘!

It’s def a lot of fun to get to know these peeps!

Catch UDD live, y’all!

Guiding you guys through UDD’s live gigs this month. Let’s g-!

UDD End of October Events
Date Venue Time
October 19 Misamis Occidental 6PM
October 26 Saguijo 9PM
October 27 Tiendesitas 5PM
October 31 12 Monkeys 9PM

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