ENCORE FEATURE: Delinquent Society Talks About Their New Album “Detour”

Browsing the web on a Tuesday night looking for fresh tracks to wallow myself into is how I discovered the local rap group “Delinquent Society” and their freshly baked album “Detour“.

Listening to this Davao-based rap group for the first time around is truly a palette-cleanser from the typical trap-style type of rap circulating our local air-waves as this group brings something new to the table— as typhoon Maria hits Luzon with its furious winds and rain, Detour is a storm that is packed with heat and intensity which is bombarding our airwaves and who is better to talk about the album but Delinquent Society itself. Check the interview out below.

Delinquent Society: New Rappers On The Bloc

UDOU: How did you come up with the name Delinquent Society?

DS:  Our lyrics represents the youth. We address the negativity by turning it into a dope-ass song or track. And we came up with it, after-brainstorming for a while then we all agreed to it. 

UDOU: Delinquent Society sure has a nice ring to it. When and how did you guys started Delinquent Society? Who started planning it, and how did you come to talk to your other group members? Where you guys friends even before DS?

DS:  We started planning December 2015, started talking to them and in January 2016 the group was formed. AUD started the group. He had the vision that this would turn into something big. AUD and CONTEMPLATE were childhood friends. Aud met Mello Marc in the 10th grade because they went to the same school after Aud dropped out from his past school. We all loved hip-hop and that triggered the idea of forming a group. Fusr joined after the original Delinquent Society(Aud,Marc,Contemplate) uploaded “Just See” in Youtube.

UDOU: You guys seems have a lot of history being friends and it shows in your tracks especially the song “Skip This Track. How would you describe your sound as a group?

DS: We would describe it as current and futuristic. We look for ways to experiment with our voices and use different sound to create melodies

Delinquent Society is a Davao-based hiphop group consists of AUD, CONTEMPLATE, MELLOW MARC and FUSR.

DETOUR: Bringing Heat to Our Sound Waves

UDOU: Let’s get to your new album, how did DETOUR came into fruition?

DS: The album was a year in the making, with all the tracks falling into place but we were inspired by our common struggle as a youth in a third world country. We think of creative ways to say our plights and so that people could listen to it and not get bored. It’s also about embracing who we are and accepting our situation as of the moment; being broke and having not as much privileged as these other rich kids.

UDOU: So why choose the name “DETOUR”? Is there any deep meaning behind the title of your album?

DS: We chose DETOUR because its something you see on the streets but you don’t see it often. We also chose that to show to people the different sides of us as a group and what we can bring to the table.

UDOU: That makes sense. I think everyone can relate to the title of your album, and it also has a nice ring to it. Do you guys have any personal favorites from your album?

DS: We don’t have favorites because all of the tracks are as good as the other.

UDOU: That I can say is true. All of your tracks in the album was dope. After listening to your album you can consider me as one of your fans! Haha. Thanks for your time! We’re going to make it sure to spread the word about you guys. Padayon!


And if you like what you’ve heard, you can support them buying a digital copy of their album here.

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