Bringing humor to the table, The Juicy Kids opens up how it brings color to their music and sets them apart.

Even with the new era of OPM upon us, The Juicy Kids brings us back home. With their whimsical and humorous songs, they bring the music we’ve all loved ever since the 2000s. For sure, it definitely sounds nostalgic and familiar, like you’re back at the era of the best OPM rock bands.

Truth to be told, The Juicy Kids is your typical pop-punk outfit that delves into rocks every once in a while. But even though their sound doesn’t differ to other bands with the same influence, they do make sure to tell stories in a unique way. And just like our favorite early 2000s bands, they move hearts through their humor and lightheartedness. Something with that kind of approach washes off the bittersweet aftertaste from all the mellow love songs we usually drown into.

The Juiciest in Town

Vocalist Nicoy Rejano and guitarist Jhe Lanuza started the band. It was later then when bassist Fritz Manansala and drummer Gidz Adriano joined the group. According to Nicoy and Jhe, they were part of a band called Sibuyas Online for 10 years until it got disbanded. With the members of Sibuyas Online starting a family, they lost time in pursuing music. However, Nicoy and Jhe don’t want to stop there. So they formed their project band “The Juicy Kids” and picked up Fritz and Gidz along the way.

They started chatting online, brainstorming and creating original songs until they met up for their very first rehearsals. And guess what, they had the pitch-perfect chemistry in making music of their own. As soon as they realize that they have the same creative juices flowing, they decided to give the project band a go.

Anyway, Nicoy’s an introverted guy who loves his coffee black. Despite his looks, Jhe is the most well-preserved and behaved among them. On the other hand, Fritz is your silent type of a boy-next-door. But don’t let his silent demeanor fool you because when he gets mad, he gets mad for real. And lastly, Gidz looks snobbish and surly but he’s the sweetest among the group. Most of the times, he can be the most energetic among the pack, especially when performing.

Funny you ask, the name “The Juicy Kids” was supposedly just a temporary band name for them. They wanted to have a catchy band name that would prick ears up when you hear it. Something unique and remarkable. They even tried to go with the logo of the “Juicy” bubblegum, in hopes to be sponsored in some way! But the joke’s aside, the band name defines them as intellectual creatives whose juices overflow when they make music. It does sound cathartic for them but they wanted to label themselves as to how they see themselves. And that’s by staying true to who they are.

Laughter is the best medicine

Well, The Juicy Kids are indeed juicy. Their songs mostly talk about their experiences in life. Either be it about romance, self-discovery and other complexities and mundanities of life, they make sure to turn it to something special. And to make their song unique, they make it funny and catchy. For them, life isn’t just about the sorrows and sad woes of life. Sometimes, even from the sorrowful and saddest stories, we can draw out the funniest things about it. In the dark, there’s light, right? And sometimes, in order for you to get over it is to laugh about it.

And to be honest, they believe that humor sells. It doesn’t just define you and how you look into the world. It also shows how much you want your listeners to know that there’s something they can laugh about. Even at the darkest days in their lives. And I think that’s beautiful.

Akin Ballpen, Iyo Tinta

And of course, The Juicy Kids boasts their creativity and art through their 5-track EP album, ‘Akin Ballpen, Iyo Tinta’. It sounds funny if you ask me. The name of the album kind off leans a bit to sarcasm and humor. I mean, it sounds like what you’d hear during inuman sessions with your friends. And the songs in the EP shows the personality of the band itself. The album has their tracks ‘Bomaloves’, ‘Gamot Sa Limot’, ‘Pafall’, ‘Byahe’ and ‘K.K.N.L.S.’ An they definitely resonate the vibe of the album.

Their latest track, ‘Byahe’ by far is the most different among all of their songs. While most of their songs are whimsical and upbeat, they tone it down in ‘Byahe’. It talks about the feeling of wanting to forget all the negativity we experience in life. While it scratches the surface of that emotion, it delves deeper as to the reality that forgetting isn’t that easy.

I mean, we can try to forget but eventually, the feelings will haunt us back and we’ll just be left feeling sad all over again. ‘Byahe’ urges us to accept and move forward. In that way, we learn to embrace it all, learn from it and move forward in life. True, no one deserves to be depressed. But if you don’t help yourself, who will, right? The journey of life can be rough that it is now. So to make it through, we have to accept that things won’t go the way we want them to be. And there will be a lot of obstacles ahead. But that’s what makes the journey of life exciting. Once you reach a milestone in life and when you look back, you’ll see how much you’ve grown and the feeling of relief and pride for yourself crashes like waves to you.

Little bit of advice

Just like what ‘Byahe’ talks about, the music industry can be a bumpy ride as well. But The Juicy Kids tells you not to overthink it. We don’t have to have it all figured out. It’s fine to stray from your track sometimes. There’s no concrete gameplan to follow because everything can be unpredictable. Just live your life to the fullest. Create good music, play with your bandmates and let the world hear you. And most of all, have fun and keep your feet on the ground. Things will eventually fall into place. So do what you love.

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