Amidst the galaxy of stars, a ball of fire with a colorful glow called ‘The Bed Bites’ rises from within.

Get to know a lil band called ‘The Bed Bites’ who are making their mark on the OPM world—universe, rather—as we speak.

And listening to their music, we’re confident enough to say that they are GOOOOODD! We’re smelling new gigs here, everyone!

Upon discovering this band, we called ‘dibs’ and immediately sent these guys a request to let us know all the exclusive need-to-know deets about ’em! We shot them a few questions and luckily, they shot back at us, not missing a single question unanswered, so keep scrolling!

A little introduction about The Bed Bites

Q:  Please give us a short introduction of your band and its members (It can be how you usually introduce yourself at gigs) (Could each of you tell us a little something about yourselves?) (Share with us some little known facts about the band or about the members.)

TBB: The Bed Bites is an independent band with distinct influences of pop alternative sound. The band consists of Jany Ligutan (vocals, guitar), Ja Ayong (guitar, backing vocals), Jay Fernandez (bass), Don Davis Pido (guitar) and Neil Yap (drums).

So what are The Bed Bites is REALLY about?

Q:  When was your band formed/established? Could you tell us a little about the band’s history? (When and where did you guys meet?)

TBB: The band was formed last July 2017. Jany, Don, and Ja were from a Rock & Roll band called ‘Poor Dead Rats’ and invited Neil and Jay of ‘Figueras’ whom they met during past gigs. We wanted to create and explore new music outside of our comfort zone thus we discovered we can be capable of performing pop/alternative rock.

Q:  What inspired you to form a band?

TBB: Each of us were musically inclined, so to speak, since we were kids and been introduced to different kinds of music from pop to jazz to rock. We admire rock bands, their craft, and their charisma and so it became a part of our lives.

Q:  The Bed Bites—what’s the reason behind your band name?

TBB: Don came up with the name 6 years ago. He just left his previous band and had his fulltime job back then. During office hours he would daydream that he plays and performs with an imaginary band at night. There’s really no particular reason why he named it The Bed Bites. But now it’s perfect, as the band music gives life to nighttime scenes connected to love, stars, and the universe.

Q:  Could you describe your style and genre?

TBB: Pop Alternative/Indie Pop. We drew inspirations from The Smiths, The Cure, The Beatles and Orange & Lemons.

Q:  Who are The Bed Bites? Describe yourself as band.

TBB: We could say that we are a band capable of adapting various kinds of music and morphing it into one awesome song. So Adaptive I guess?

Q:  What do you think makes you different from all the other bands?

TBB: Instead of making a direct/typical pop love song, the band infuses some elements of the galaxy/universe in an indirect level. It’s like saying, “Milky Way, make way” instead of saying “I’m f(bleep!)g going to that girl over there and tell her how I feel”.

Q:  What’s your favorite part about being an artist?

TBB: When you get to create something out of nothing but from your heart and mind. That something becomes very special to you. So when you get to share it, or in this case perform it to someone or a group of people especially if they can relate to it, it gives us a certain fulfillment.

Q: What might be your least favorite thing about being an artist?

TBB: Being an independent band, we have to make certain sacrifices to do what we want and sometimes you get nothing in return. There are also times where you have to handle the pressures of what society has to say about your craft. Plus commuting, such a drag.

Q:  What are your hopes for OPM?

TBB: OPM is in a good place right now with lots of Filipino artists under a record label or independent making a buzz in the society. We hope it stays that way. We hope Filipinos across the nation would appreciate our local music more and more each day.

Now let’s get to the FUN STUFF!

Q:  If you guys have a mascot/symbol for your band, what would it be and why?

TBB: An astronaut or a weird cute alien would be cool. It symbolizes some of our songs which relate to the galaxy/universe.

Q:  If you would be given a chance to collaborate with any OPM artists/bands, who would it be and why?

TBB: O&L/Rico Blanco. Talented individuals. We look up to them with awe and respect.

Q:  Who are your musical inspirations? (Who might you say inspired you to make the music you do)

TBB: We have different musical inspirations. For the most part, what inspired us are the people who first introduced music into our lives, they can be artists we idolize or our families. From there, we were able to perceive and develop a certain skill. Now we are able create music based on emotion, experiences, and what we see in society.

What can we expect from our new music ‘buds’, The Bed Bites?

Q:  Could you tell us about your newest projects?

TBB: We recently released our first single “Milky Way” across various online music streaming platforms last August 2017. Now, we’re working and recording our first ever EP with four to five songs. We will be releasing our second single, “Moonpie” this 29th of October.

Speaking of ‘Milky Way’, we have it right here for you guys! You’re welcome!

Q:  Are you guys having gigs this month or in the last months of 2018? Could you tell us when and where you’ll be playing?

TBB: October 24, 2018 – Ocean’s Telephone Co., BGC October 27, 2018 – Syzygy Studios Live November 24, 2018 – Maharlika Sunrise Festival

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