Rice Lucido takes us to her ethereal world of music as she shares her journey with us in Music Dive!

Behind her pretty face, lies a profound mind, boarding a whole lot of stories to tell. You might have heard her name a few years back, but now she’s making the world know that she’s here. She’s here with music that will transport you to a different world of OPM.

At a very young age, Rice Lucido has always been fascinated by music. Just like usual young kids, she loved singing. While music seemed an entertainment for others, it became a safe haven for her. Music became her go-to whenever she’s feeling down. It comforts her, makes her feel good and reassures her that everything’s gonna be alright. And her love for music transpired to something greater as times went by. Her passion for singing made her want more. And that’s to perform songs, someday.

She kickstarted off her music career way back after graduating high school. Yup, she was barely eighteen that time but she pursued performing at gigs around the city. Of course, back then, she only did cover songs. But eventually, she realized that she needs to have her own original songs if she wanted it to take it to the next level. And she did. She wrote song after song. Created her own music. Met different people in and out of the music industry. Until she got noticed and signed under O/C Records. It might sound so simple but her journey was a hell of a roller coaster ride. She just makes it look so easy.

The ethereal sound of Rice

No doubt, Rice’s song sound heavenly and mystifying at the same time. For someone who’s the first inspiration is folk, she tends to go beyond that very line. According to Rice, her music influences vary. From folk jumping up to jazz real quick. And everything between those lines. She tries to explore different sounds and elements to add to her music.

It did separate her music from others. While the local music industry is concentrated with the ballads, rock and alternative pop-punk songs, Rice chooses to make her own sound. Despite going against the flow, she stood by her own music up until now. And all of those hard work paid off. Not only she got to release more songs and an album. But she got her songs to become part of the official soundtrack of two local movies. Her song ‘Dalawang Tao’ got featured in ‘The How’s of Us’ featuring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. It’s a folk-sounding love song that evokes love and its obstacles. On the other hand, her ‘Heto Na Naman‘ in ‘Ulan‘ showed a different side of her. It sounded so mystical and mysterious, even for a love song.

Be brave and strong

It sounds cliche but Rice said it herself. In this industry, you got to be strong and brave and fearless. The competition is high and there’s a lot of struggles you’d encounter. So you’d really have to thicken your skin because it’s a messy ride towards success. And success isn’t just defined by one milestone. You might be getting one achievement this moment but that shouldn’t be the end of it. You should strive more, strive better because success isn’t defined by one milestone alone. There’s a whole new world beyond what you do.

And of course, don’t forget your roots and inspirations. Like what Rice said, the competition is high. And you’d really have to be tough enough to handle all the obstacles, drama and issues that will come along your way. And sometimes you’d be tempted to go with the flow but don’t. You can work it out. Just like Rice did. Luckily, under O/C Records, Rice can still fulfill her dreams without sacrificing or compromising her art, her craft.

So if you loved Rice and her unique music, then you better check her out on Spotify! You’d be delighted with the music she has to offer, I’m sure of it.

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