Remember when your high school—or even elementary—teachers called them ‘Hale band‘ in class or at a program? Or when any other adult referred to them as such. Yes, this band definitely gives us that feeling of nostalgia ’cause of their undying music that defined our youth!

But now, most no one would ever dare call them ‘Hale band’ anymore. This group of guys composed of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Champ Lui Pio, bassist Sheldon Gellada, lead guitarist Roll Martinez, violinist Chino David, and drummer Paolo Santiago is an established OPM band.

With songs like ‘The Day You Said Goodnight’ that you honestly felt like you could relate to it, dare we say, back in the day, this band is one of the few that we felt like we grew up with. And we’re more than happy that they’re still around to this day. And that’s why we’re giving you 5 reasons why we think HALE is forever:

1. HALE’s songs are our some of our ultimate karaoke go-to songs.

Let’s be honest, Hale’s ballads are some of the best we love to sing to! And we found you a perfect playlist to rock out to, whether you’re at work or alone in your room and ready to rock out with your trusty air guitars and air drums.

2. They make our school events a lot more exciting!

Singing along to your favorite OPM songs, side by side with your friends and classmates is pure bliss! And aside from the student bands in your school performing their songs, Hale has also been touring schools and universities. We really hope they continue to do so as long as they can!

Here are Champ and the guys performig with DLSU.

Some throwback feels at UP Fair 2016 with ‘The Day You Said Goodnight’.


If you were one of those high schoolers who tried to play a guitar, you’d remember quiet afternoons when you’d pickup your instrument, flip the pages of your ‘Song Hits’, and learn the chords of ‘Kung Wala Ka’?

Or if you’re someone who likes to sing, you’d probably remember those moments when picking one their songs for a school program or just a simple ‘sesh’ with your schoolmates.

Hale is just one of the OPM bands that defined our childhood and our teens.


4. They are a band of talented peeps with charitable hearts!

Upon hearing about Hale’s initiative to perform for charity, it melted our hearts, giving us more reason to love these guys.

Back in 2000’s, they even invited fellow OPM artists Rivermaya, Spongecola and Mayonnaise to perform in hopes to invite contributors for their chosen beneficiaries:

  • Asociacion De Damas Filipinas, an orphanage for kids aged six months to six years old;
  • Brave Kids, an organization for kids with cancer;
  • One Gene, One Child, another organization for kids with autism; and
  • a public school in Quezon City.

We definitely think they’re strong influencers to the public and that they could uplift people’s spirits. Awe!

5. They get better every time!

We really thought it was the end for Hale when they split up back in 2010. *sad reacts only*

But five years later, they got back together with their new comeback song ‘See You’. And we’d like to believe that reunions like this only mean that they’re in it for the long haul. So much feels for this one!

And now they’re back again with their same mellow charm but with an all new face! And this time, violinist Chino David (formerly of Silent Sanctuary) has officially joined the band, so they’re taking things to a whole new level.

Check out the artsy lyric videos of their songs: ‘Alon’ and ‘My Beating Heart’!

Plus! The band is on Spotify now, so making nostalgic playlists have become easier.

Forever or not; whatever happens, we’ll always be listening to your songs, guys!

Catch Hale LIVE this Saturday!

Catch the band at Havana Club. We’ll be waiting for them to perform “The Day You Said Goodnight” and “Blue Sky”, that’s for sure. So be there on Sept. 29, 2018, 9:00 PM. Tickets are available for Php 499 and is inclusive with FREE bottle of San Mig Light beer! Beer and good music? Yes please!

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