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The day is July 24 and we’re once again bombarded by bad news left and right, politics and politicians are askew, our own people fending for themselves or fighting amongst themselves. It’s good to be in the know and to make moves that matter in society but sometimes, which is especially often given this bleak situation we’re in, we just want to get away from it all.

Just as I was reveling in the bleakness that evening, my savior Dua Lipa decided to grace the world with her presence and introduce us to a blissful track she had done in collaboration with the dubbed “Prince of Reggaeton“ JBalvin as well as other latino artists, Bad Bunny and Tainy.

It wasn’t that long ago when Dua Lipa decided to give us something to be happy about in 2020 with the release of her latest full-length album “Future Nostalgia” a true celebration of losing yourself to dance. The kween has given us the will to live once again in the form of her music in the time of COVID.

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The track starts somber, with lyrics setting the stage for the story of a heartbroken someone who doesn’t want to fall in love with the heartbreaker again but starts having second thoughts and concludes into the chorus that the heartbreaker may not realize now, but “one day” they’ll realize how much they’d actually lost by leaving the heartbroken.

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The chorus of the track is when you start to really get the reggaeton feel from the calypso beat and the hip-swaying rhythm of the vocals.

It’s a sobering and might I say, mature take on the “one day you’ll realize my worth trope” we see every so often in English pop songs.

The vocalism of this track is so unique because we hear a female English singer with a raspy voice sing some parts of the melody with a male Latino reggaeton crooner as counterpart and it just unbelievably melds well to create the most interesting song without having to hit the 150 bpm mark of a usual pop song.

The Music Video

We established that the track is truly masterfully mixed English and reggaeton pop to create one of the most unique products in a pop culture-the music video that accompanies Un Dia is fitting, to say the least.


The visuals are just such an orgasm for the eyes, the cinematography was so dramatic that the most static shots still held just as much girth as a shot with artistic camerawork. It’s also one of the few music videos I’ve seen dabble in film noir experimental and not suck at it. It was absolutely divine-I admittedly didn’t get most of the visual stories being told but overall- the song is truly at its heart and in a music video, that’s probably the most important of things.

Did we mention that it stars one of the most brilliant actresses of our generation as well?

Un Dia’s music video is blessed with the presence of Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó who you might better recognize as Tokyo of Money Heist. The performance? Just as epic if not more, as in this one, she never says a word but perfectly expresses each emotion that there’s actually no need for dialogue.

I know this sounds a lot like a very biased view of the artist’s latest work but hey-why don’t you give it a listen too? You’ll probably see what I mean as well.


What did you think of this Dua Lipa collab? Should she collab with more Latino artists?

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