Recently, a meme circulated with saying that Cardi B’s real name is “Cardi Backyardigan”. And we were shookt! Of course, this was only a meme, but it got us thinking. What are the real names of your favorite artists?

For the record, this isn’t true! It’s just a meme.

So for this post, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest names in the music industry who are not exactly using their real names. Here are four real names of your favorite artists.

1. Shanti Dope

We’ve heard of Shanti Dope everywhere, but did you ever get to find out his real name? It’s actually Sean Patrick Ramos!

2. Ben&Ben

First thing’s first, Ben&Ben (formerly The Benjamins) is actually a collective. Yes, there are two of them who front the band, but there’s a lot more to them.

Here are their names:

  • Paolo Guico  – Acoustic Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist

  • Miguel Guico  – Acoustic Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist

  • Poch Baretto – Electric Guitarist

  • Jam Villanueva – Drummer

  • Agnes Reoma – Bassist

  • Patricia Lasaten – Keyboardist

  • Toni Muñoz – Percussionist

  • Andrew de Pano – Percussionist

  • Keifer Cab – Violinist

3. Quest

We know him as Quest, but in real life, he’s actually called Jose Villanueva III.

4. Bamboo

We haven’t heard from Bamboo in a while, but that doesn’t mean we still wonder. Did you know that his real name is Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Mañalac?

5. Gloc 9

Andito din si Gloc 9, wala siyang apelyido. At least, his artist name doesn’t have one. Gloc 9’s name on his birth certificate is actually Aristotle Pollisco.

5. Franco

Unlike the others, Franco actually uses his real name first name. But if you want to know more about him, you might want to check his full name, Franco Reyes, for better stalking investigations.

5. KZ Tandingan

So what do the K and Z stand for in KZ Tandingan’s name? Her full name is actually Kristine Zhenie Lobrigas Tandingan.

6. Yeng Constantino

We all know this girl by Yeng, but have you ever thought to look up her real name? It’s actually Josephine Eusebio Constantino.

These are just some of the real names of your favorite artists. For those wondering, where’s BP Valenzuela? Well, we’re still working our magic to get her real name too! If you know it, though, hit us up over at Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.