December Avenue is an ALT-ROCK band popular for their powerful HUGOT songs. You know what we’re talking about. After all, they’ve been rocking it out with fans for a decade now!

Composed of Zel Bautista, Jem Manuel, Don Gregorio, Jet Danao and Gelo Cruz December Avenue has been a fan favorite, and our dat can prove that to you. But for now,  we’ve rounded up four reasons why we love this band!

1. Dreamy paper airplanes. Need we say more?

We’re kidding. But this was something they did for their FIRST MAJOR CONCERT last 2016.

And just, bands with LIT aesthetics? They’re definitely 100% on our book. We mean, just look at the paper airplanes perfectly matching their song ‘Eroplanong Papel’ on the tweet below!

2. These peeps are witty AF.

We do love it when our idols make us giggle!

3. They are a bunch of relatable HUGOT KINGS.

December Avenue likes to talk about life and love on their songs making it truly relatable for us fans!

Ever wonder why their songs just hit you right up to your core? Well here’your answer:

That is just so sweet!


One of the December Avenue songs that appealed to us was their song ‘BULONG’. The music video for ‘Bulong’ tackles about mental health issues with one of its characters, in hopes to promote awareness to their audience. It also demonstrates unconditional love from someone dealing with a person who is struggling.

“Ako’y alipin ng pag-ibig mo / Handang ibigin ang isang tulad mo”

The band plans to continue doing so with their future projects, as they understand its importance to their listeners. KUDOS to you, guys!

Love December Avenue as well? Listen to their song ASAP!

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