Modern acoustics with a dash of Salt and Pepper, we mean, nostalgia—that’s how we’d describe the music of Cheenee Gonzalez.

Making her way in the Philippine indie music scene, Cheenee Gonzalez is a very young Filipina singer-songwriter who’s actually only in her senior year of college.

Yep, and this young girl’s career is already on the rise. From the release of her first original composition last 2016, to her first EP entitled “Windowpane” in 2017, and to the EP’s first anniversary just this September, we’ve been following this talented girl.

Entitled ‘Salt & Pepper’, her first composition gives us some soothing tunes and comforting lyrics. And since then, we just can’t get enough of her sweet voice!

DYK? Cheenee wrote this song with Derick Tamanio during a songwriting workshop with Ryan Cayabyab. And we think you’d love singing along with Cheenee in this lyric video she posted on her Youtube channel too.

And we even have the unofficial music video for ‘Salt & Pepper’ down below! Found in Cheenee’s Youtube channel, this music video was actually produced by her sister for a school project!

It looks like the arts really run in the family, huh? What do you guys think? Watch the video with us below.

And aside from this cute track that made us first fall in love with her, this singer has grown a lot in her music. And the release of her EP, ‘Windowpane’ is a testament to that.

Released just last 2017, Cheenee posted a recap video of her her EP launch, and we have it right here for you!

Oh, these tunes just pierce right through our hearts. And despite the torment some of Cheenee Gonzalez’ songs have bestow upon us, we can’t deny how we adore this pretty young thang!

In fact, here’s another song from the young singer-songwriter. And fragile hearts beware! ‘Still In Love With You’, is a rather painful one. (Oh but, we can’t help but feel the raw emotions as Cheenee sings her heartfelt rendition of this song in an episode for One Music Live.)

That I’m still in love, in love with you
Heaven above knows there ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t do
To have you love me again (have you love again)
More than just a friend

Ah, the agonizing process of moving on!

But oh wait, did you think the pain feelings end there? We’re going on an all-out trip via the Cheenee train.

So here’s the official music video for ‘Unusual’. This is where you’ll find Cheenee Gonzalez singing yet another emotional tune, as she looks back on mementos.

Did your hearts irk as much as ours did?

*Sigh!* Enough of the emotional stuff for now. Because aside for her love and passion for music, we just wanted to add some of the other few things Cheenee loves—coffee, art, love, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and of course, her fans! And it’s obvious how much they love her too!

Are you loving Cheenee Gonzalez as much as we do? If the answer is yes, then make sure you become part of the #Cheeneekins by joining the official fans club for Cheenee Gonzalez below!

Can’t get enough of Cheenee?

Don’t worry, Cheenee Gonzalez got her fans covered! An upcoming single is on it’s way this Friday and we are just so excited for it!

Make sure to watch out for her gigs and check out her other songs on Spotify, and maybe some (if not all!) would find their way through your playlist!

How about you guys? How do you feel about the lovely Cheenee Gonzalez? Did you become an instant fan after she touched your heart with her sweet voice? (That’s what happened to us, at least!) Or did she break it with her emotional songs? Let us know in comments section below. Or better yet, send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to hear from you!