When the music of The Weeknd and Rex Orange County made a baby, Peach Tree Rascals is what you’re gonna get!

Hailing from Bay Area, Peach Tree Rascals is a five-piece collective whose music is a fusion of alt-jazz, funk, hip hop and R&B. Since, their debut single ‘Glide’ released in 2018, the group has dropped 8 more singles and garnered over 10 million streams as of this writing.

On ‘Mariposa’

Mariposa, the title of their third single in 2020, is the Spanish translation for butterfly. It’s a song about growth and acceptance– a musical journey that aims to accompany you as you undergo the difficult process of turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Their rapper, Joseph Barros, created the framework in one day, then shared his progress with the rest of the group until it blossomed into this beautiful, laid-back track.

Check out the feel-good music video below!


Peach Tree Rascals shared:

“Mariposa’ literally means butterfly, and represents improving and growing as a human. Butterflies grow into themselves and their beauty, regardless of any flaws that come up along the way. Yosemite plays a big role in our creative muse. We often do trips up there to write and think of video concepts. The name originally came from Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. Seemed like a no brainer to name the song after one of our favorite places on the planet.”


Peach Tree Rascals is composed of producer/mixer Dominic “Dom” Pizano, rappers-singers Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros, and creative director Jorge Olazaba. Their viral track ‘Mariposa’ peaked at #43 on Spotify PH’s Viral 50. You can also stream it on Apple Music, Itunes, and Youtube Music. You can follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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