Breaking records and continuously drawing crowds, Cheats (band) have been around since 2013. And, no. No cheating was involved for them to unlock these goals.

If you’ve been part of at least one of their crowds in their more-or-less five years of playing the hottest events in the metro, you’d know why. Cheats (band) always gives you the upbeat rhythms and feisty tunes you need.

If anything, the only cheat this band has ever given us are those sick beats we’ve always needed for a loooong day. And we think this music video from the proves band exactly what we’re talking about.

1. They love video games!

Okay, we know the IG post above is just a poster from one of the events they played in. But hey, you wouldn’t play a gig if you didn’t get the whole concept, right? CHEATING NOT ALLOWED.

The point is… These guys and gals love video games! We mean, to any other person that poster would simply be a bunch of shapes, right? But not Cheats.

These guys actually named their band ‘Cheats’ because of “their collective love for video games, in which they indulge as much as their free time (from school or their respective day jobs) permits.

2. Pancho

We loved them even before the babies, but now that the band has this little cutie. We. Just. Can’t. Get. Enough!!!

From checking Saab’s IG stories to Candy’s photos, and the rest of the guys’ posts, we’re always on a hunt for the band’s favorite little boy.

And yes, we’re gonna go ahead and say Pancho is the band’s baby ’cause we (also) love how the band seems so close like a one big family!

3. #WakeUpWithJimAndSaab Podcasts

If you still haven’t realized by now, Jim and Saab of the band are actually a couple. And not only that, they’re married! (Hence, Pancho, duh. You didn’t think the band simply adopted a cute baby boy to be a mascot for them, right? Now, that’s just cheating!)

But yeah, since these two are married, they’re spending a lot of time together. And we’re super grateful that they’re sharing their mornings with us.

Please make more podcasts, Jim and Saab!

4. Merch

From the photo above, do we really need to say more?

Well, actually we do need to say more. ‘Cause if you guys know about Linya Linya, then you know that this is part of the band’s brand. Want to know more about it and why we love it? We’ve also posted about them here.

5. Wherever they are, it’s always packed!

Here’s a fun fact!

In July 2015, Cheats’ self-titled debut album was released. The band launched the record to an enthusiastic crowd at SaGuijo Café, a crowd so large that it broke previous alcohol sales records at the famed live music venue.

6. They play for a cause

If you check the bands’ Facebook events, they even put up one for when they played for a protest.

Their personal posts are also of the same sentiments, of course. And we love how they also stand up for what they believe in as a band.

7. Who wouldn’t love an 8-piece band?

As we said, this band feels like they’re family!

And we just adore how they express it! Like in the photo above, the members of Cheats dressed up as the members of Captain Planet. ‘Cause, you know. He’s a hero!


We know we already mentioned this as part of their merch. But that’s just how much we love it. We mean, a pizza box with an actual pizza inside as album art? (Okay, maybe it’s not actual pizza. But we’re sure that when you play this CD, it’s just as good!)

Not to mention, their Before the Babies album cover. We love it ’cause one of the band’s female vocalists, Saab, shared her pregnancy journey with us as an album cover. We know that must be such a personal photo, and we’re very thankful that the band would share it with us.

This is what we’re talking about:

Update! Seems like it’s not actually Saab’s belly on the cover. Nonetheless, we love that we feel like we’re part of this whole journey with them, if only for their album title. WE LOVE YOU, GUYS!

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