There’s no denying that Sugarfree is already a household name in the Philippine music scene.

Sugarfree was a pop-alternative band that was formed back in 1999. They are well-known for their heartfelt songs often playing on local radio stations. They are supposed to celebrate their 20th year today, but unfortunately they left us all heartbroken when they disbanded last 2011.

On a lighter note, former lead singer/songwriter and now solo artist Ebe Dancel says that until now, Sugarfree’s music still lives on. And to that, we wholeheartedly agree.

So to pay homage to the band that brought him to where he is now, Ebe Dancel celebrates his 20 years in music by playing his band’s old songs.

A press conference was also held today to share some important news as well as to allow people to ask Ebe questions about himself.

An upcoming solo concert

To thank his fans for staying with him all throughout his musical journey, Ebe Dancel will have a concert next year on February 29. He will perform along with the Manila String Machine, a cutting edge string orchestra with musicians from top institutions.

According to Dancel, his concert aims to encapsulate his wonderful experiences in one night: twenty years of memories that are not only his, but also of his audience and how they were able to relate to the music that he made.

Check out the poster below for more details about the concert.

Ebe Dancel Solo Concert

While the concert serves as Dancel’s anniversary celebration, the festivities start as early as October with Sugarfree anniversary tribute gigs happening. Last night, the singer-songwriter performed some old songs at 12 Monkeys, El Pueblo, Ortigas.

Meanwhile, we should celebrate with Ebe Dancel in our own special way too. So join and sing with us as we reminisce with a few of the most iconic Sugarfree songs!

Tulog Na

‘Tulog Na’ is one of those songs that we have repeatedly played at night as we were crying ourselves to sleep. Don’t deny it, we know that one way or another, you have a similar experience.

This song hits just right as it makes us feel comforted enough to actually be able to snooze off. Ebe Dancel’s voice is just also really gentle.

Hari ng Sablay

‘Hari ng Sablay’ is that iconic song that we have kinda forgotten but will remember immediately once we hear it. In fact, it makes us really nostalgic listening to it right now. It also reminded us of the hilarious movie starring Bearwin Meily.

Now that we are a bit more adult, we actually appreciate this song a lot more. As we are faced with a lot of struggles, we are more prone to making mistakes and failing. Ugh, we just want to be kids again!

Makita Kang Muli

When you say Sugarfree, ‘Makita Kang Muli’ is honestly the very first song that comes to mind. This is just phenomenal, especially when it was made the theme song of the old TV series Panday starring Jericho Rosales.

Maybe one reason why we loved this song so much is because it satisfied our hopeless romantic selves. A guy fighting for his love for you, no matter what it takes? Back in the days, we all liked the idea of being saved by someone heroically. Presently though, not anymore.

We still love the song no matter what because obviously, it doesn’t just refer to heroic love language. However we just want our readers to know too that we are promoting the ‘strong independent woman’ mentality!

Wag Ka Nang Umiyak

You all know this song, don’t deny it. Gary Valenciano’s rendition of it is more popular though because of the iconic endless ‘Ang Probinsyano’, so much that it became a meme. KZ Tandingan also has another rendition of this.

What’s amazing though is that no matter whose version it is, the song makes us really emotional and vulnerable. Kudos to the amazing Ebe Dancel for composing this beautiful song!


This song is really upbeat but we are warning you: don’t be fooled. The lyrics really, really hurt. In fact, to portray the hurt that it wants to send across, Ebe Dancel made another rendition of this along with Johnoy Danao and Bullet Dumas. It was used for the film ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You.’

To further emphasize how hurtful this song is, check out one line from it below. It greatly makes us feel a lot of things – loss, longing, and some regrets.

♫ O kay tagal din kitang minahal ♪ 


To finish off this list, we are including one of their initial hits, ‘Mariposa’. Like ‘Burnout’, this song came from Sugarfree’s very first album, ‘Sa Wakas’. It was a staple on every pop-alternative station in Manila, along with ‘Telepono’. Honestly, Ebe Dancel’s are especially impressive here.

And that concludes our time capsule list! If you want to continue this Sugarfree music-filled night, you can check out their other songs which are now available on Spotify.

Do you miss Sugarfree as much as we do? Which of these songs is your favorite? Share with us your thoughts by commenting down below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, @udouph.