As from what we’ve said, Filipino hip-hop is certainly not jeje. It is, however, following the Western style of sexualizing women which IS NOT COOL.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, well, just try giving Nik Masino’s ‘Neneng B’ a listen. Don’t get us wrong, the beat is really catchy (thanks to Roko Tensei) and maybe that’s part of the reason why it’s going viral. But mainly, it’s because when you look closely at the lyrics it’s blatantly disrespectful and offensive to women. And this is only one of the many sexist Filipino hip-hop songs up to date.

And just when we thought all hope was lost for our local music industry, ‘Catriona’ by Matthaios made its way to the mainstream with some other songs about women in a positive light following shortly.

So move aside Neneng B, here are Catriona, Pia, Ivana, showing you how it’s done!

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In case you’re still aren’t aware of this song which you’ve probably heard a thousand times with the #CatrionaDance Challenge, it’s from the artist Matthaios. It basically tells us that the embodiment of perfection of likeness and grace is of Catriona Gray, our Miss Universe 2018. Well, who would argue about that?

And I can see her winning the Miss Universe
And if heaven does exist it will most prolly look like her, yeah
I love the way she makes me smile, she makes me smirk (yes sir)
It gives me chills, it makes me blush, it gives me worth (worth)

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‘Pia’ is a song by BLYMLDT (Billy Maldito), Angelo and BRYC which was just recently released on Thursday. Much like ‘Catriona’, it talks about a girl that is out of this world who is attributed to our Miss Universe 2016, Pia Wurtzbach. Yup, no sexist lyrics just beauty appraisal and some Visayan lyrics. And that’s how we like it!

Every time I see you is enough
to prove that you’re the girl still on the top
and you’re the only one we dreamin’ of
and dedicate this song so listen up.

ayaw na pangluod kay, ikaw raman inday
coz im gonna give you all you wanted all the time
doesn’t matter what they say,
you’re my P.I.A.,


Lastly, we have ‘Ivana’ by Soulstice under Peso Production as a reference to Ivana Alawi, a Filipino actress and social media influencer. Among the two other girls mentioned, she is the only one who’s not a beauty queen but has been the talk of the town because of her mesmerizing beauty and quirky personality.

Look at you girl, ang ganda ganda mo
The way you smile, makes me high
Parang IVANA na ‘to
You’re the best girl I’ve ever seen
kapansin-pansin ang iyong mga tingin

Something is still missing…

Although these songs are proof of how Filipino hip-hop is shying away from the conventional Western music talking about money, drugs, girls, and sex, there’s still something missing. It’s a given fact that every artist is entitled to their own freedom of artistic expression but what we really need in times of gender inequality is for our local music industry to step up their game and add substance to their lyrics as forms of literary objection. And that’s not limited to just praising women about their external appearances. But hey, everything has a start and we could clearly see it beginning with ‘Catriona’, ‘Pia’, and ‘Ivana’.

Just like how one Filipina is making the ~waves~ with her “panty protest” music (or so we would like to call it) and her deep-rooted feelings about misogyny. Take a look at how Zae is holding up high the pride of Filipino women with her songs like ‘E-GIRL’ and ‘Pantsu’.

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