A star in the making, O/C Records’ very own Calein shares how their music journey was here at Music Dive!

Adventurous and progressive, the alternative pop-rock band, Calein attempts to bring a plethora of unique sound. Since the very start, they’ve been on the hustle to share their music and so far it’s going smoothly! With that, Calein brings to the table how music changed their life.

Check out the full-length interview with the boys of Calein below! Surely, you’ll be amused with how they’ve come together as one and how music became an essential part of their everyday life.

A four-piece alternative pop-rock outfit, Calein brings forth an experimental sound to love. The brainchild of vocalist, John Dale Mustacho and bassist, Kleyo Aydalla, it took flight as a shaky project band until they found their ground to stand on. As soon as they completed their sound together with their guitarist JP Isidro and drummer, Paul Regalado, Calein became, indeed, someone.

Devout to their relatable songs, the band tries to merge alternative rock to an atmospheric pop sound. With their varying music influences, they take pride in being relatable to their audience. Every one of them holds music close to their hearts. True, they have different reasons as to why they love music. But their common denominator would be having music as their own way of life.

Even at a very young age, they’ve found their love for music itself. Either be it for performing, playing instruments or writing songs, they know that music is what they want. And now that they’re being represented by a renown record label, it’s just starting for Calein.

Music inspirations

Driving a wedge between genres and sounds can be tricky. But instead of confining themselves into their comfort zones, Calein aims to go forth with experimenting. Admittedly, each member of the band does have their own musical inspirations and influences. And dang, they do differ in terms of their music tastes. But according to them, they found their common ground with their love for The 1975, Hippocampus, John Mayer and Boy Pablo.

Channeling their inner soft emo side, they bring their own experiences to life. Particularly, their song ‘Someone“. It’s based on a personal experience by their vocalist, JD. And the thing is, it’s relatable as hell. And if you look closely, a contrast to their colorful getup, their songs can go dark and hurting at some point. That’s how soft these boys are. (Soft bois, indeed.)

That’s what makes their music good. And they’re just as grateful that O/C Records puts their trust in them by supporting the sound they want to share to the world.

Keep your feet on the ground

It’s a no-brainer that they still have a long way to go in their music career. But as a band who’s been through a lot, they have their fair share of stories to tell. Being signed into a record label doesn’t miraculously happen overnight. Like everyone else, it takes months of hustling to produce music and performing all throughout the metro. And they’re no exception from the harshness of the community at the same time.

But even at their standing right now, they’ve kept their feet on the ground. Humility is one of the traits that a band must possess. Even if they are just a start-up or a hotshot in town. Aside from that, Calein speaks from experience that you shouldn’t be afraid. Fear shouldn’t chain you from achieving your dreams. The music community is a big world. There’s a lot of opportunities to set your eyes on. Having the right mindset and persevering will help you realize the goals you have.

So be sure to listen to Calein on Spotify as they have a lot in store for us this year! We ‘re excited to hear new music from them. And we bet you are too! (P.S. They’ve mentioned that they will be having a collaboration with Unique. Sweet!)

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