Brisom is waving the 80’s flag and WE LOVE IT!

Who and what is Brisom anyway? Well from hearing this band, all we know is that retro is definitely back.

How can we say this? There’re traces everywhere, man. Let’s start with pointing them out on the clothes we wear, the movies and series that we watch, and since this is what we all came here to talk about, it’ also in the music. And whether it’s a trend or not, all we know is that we love it.

So for everyone who’s all about the 80’s synthwave vibe like us, then you’ve finally found the one with Brisom.

Composed of Brian Sombero, Timothy Abbott, Jason Rondero and Jeffrey Castro, meet Brisom—the legends of synthwave! 

It’s so rare to fins a band like this in the OPM scene. Being a synthwave pop band, Brisom gives us a fresh take on modern OPM music.

And after being around for half a decade, established in 2013, this band has already been at live gigs in and out of the country.

The Brisom Timeline

By 2014, they’ve already launched their EP called ‘Perspectives’. And this was also the year they were nominated Best Emerging Band. On the same year, they were also featured as Artist of the Month for Radio Republic in the same year.

Two years later (2016), they launched the their 1st full length album called ‘Limerence’ under Warner Music Philippines. Along with it were their songs called ‘Unplanned’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Bigkas’.

One of the highlights of Brisom’s success was with their song ‘Balewala’ released sometime in mid 2017, and this has been their biggest single to date. How? It ranked top in both music video and radio charts! In the same year, they’ve received a lot of attention from popular radio stations like Magic 89.9 and 107.5 Wish FM, taking home awards like Magic 89.9 ’s HALL of FAME award for making it the top spot for 3 weeks straight and 107.5 Wish Music Awards 2017 for best alternative song of the year.

2018 was a busy year for Brisom. Earlier this January, they released their newest single ‘Siglon’. And this was also the year these guys were  nominated at MYX Music Awards 2018 for Best Rock Video for their song ‘Balewala’, not to mention their Bandarito Performance of the Year nomination. 

And if you want to know more about this band through their music, we’ve rounded up the 5 we songs and music videos that define Brisom.

1. Pride

It’s their most colorful MV yet! Well it fits, since the song is called Pride, after all. Plus, the dance scenes are stunning!

2. Unplanned

‘Unplanned’ was one of their earlier songs that defined their music career. Even then the quality of their music video was already creatively executed.

3. Balewala

This is it! Their biggest single to date. You know that feeling when you meet someone you desperately need to be with and then you just want drop everything and chase that person?

And if you’re familiar with it, we think you’d agree that ‘Balewala’ has the same feels as that famous Black Mirror (series) episode called ‘San Junipero’.

*OMG! Kiliiiig!*

4. Bigkas

Although this isn’t technically a music video, we’ve included this lyric video since this was quite a hit. And yep, Lovi Poe collaborated with them on this one.

You might notice that unlike their usual songs, ‘Bigkas’ is the more mellow side of Brisom. And we think this one definitely it works! So yep, sometimes it’s definitely okay to mix it up a little!

Here’s to hoping we can get these guys to do a collab with other OPM Bands that we love. *Paging Coke Studios!*

5. Siglon

Siglon is their newest one yet, which was released last January and then followed by its music video released last April. Here, Andy Eigenmann stars in a very cinematic MV.

Another impressive work by Brisom!

And we have another version they made for ‘Siglon’, and honestly they’ve expressed much of their personality with this one. This is a montage of nostalgia that we surely can relate to.

And with their good music and the aesthetically pleasing music videos, we’d sure want more of Brisom! So make sure you keep it tuned right here ’cause the #HagkanMV is the next freshest Brisom music video, so keep it locked right here on U Do U, and Brisom’s social pages of course.

So put on your jean jacket, grab yourself some cheese balls, and let’s pretend like we’re in the 80’s while we listening to Brisom on Spotify now!

We’ve got it all, right here. And all you need to do is to press play.

So what do you guys think of Brisom? Do you think more retro-feel bands to get featured in our U Do U? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, or even send them over our Facebook page. If you want, you can tweet us at @UDoUPh too. We’d love to hear from you guys!