Feeling blue? Had a bad day? Then thank the heavens for Blessie Azul ’cause this indie darling has some great songs! Check out Blessie’s performance in Music Dive right here!

Previous guests, Jello Reyes and LaLuna gave us love songs to relish. But Blessie Azul has something different to offer. During Blessie’s interview in Music Dive, she mentioned about music helping her heal. And with that realization, she wanted her songs to help people heal as well. It might not be that much of an impact, but a song can help in so many ways that we unconsciously know. Taking influence from her own experiences in life, Blessie wrote songs to tug the heartstrings and touch the soul. So if you’re down or feeling blue, Blessie’s songs should be your go-to.


At kung kailangan mo ako
Nandito ako naghihintay sayo
Sakin ika’y kumapit
Yayakapin kita mahigpit

Life ain’t easy. We all know that. Sometimes, we need to thread treacherous waters in life, alone. But ‘Yakap’ tells us that there is someone who we can lean on in times of need. Pretty much everyone has their own down times. We’ve all had our own breakdowns. And in one way or another, we try to keep it to ourselves. But the thing about keeping everything bottled inside is that it will eventually overflow. Once the emotions and feelings overflow, we implode. We breakdown and cry. And sometimes, we just need a hug. No peppy talks and long messages. Sometimes, just a simple hug will suffice. And Blessie was able to put it in a song. How when things are getting rough, there will always be someone waiting for us and help us deal with things. It ain’t easy but it gets better.

I know for a fact that a lot of people are suffering from a lot of things happening in their life. But we don’t have to do everything all alone. Our loved ones; family and friends are there. And there will always be one person there to help us when we can’t handle things on our time. So take your time and think about them. If it’s not you who need help in healing, then maybe a close friend might be. We don’t notice it at first take. But sometimes, a hug can make a big difference.

End of the World

Under this rarely seen blue moon
I pray that I’ll still see you soon
But if the world would be doomed tonight
We’re under the same moon

So if the world ends, what would you do? Blessie posed that question to us, and it really got me thinking. What would I do if I know that this would be the last day of the world? I’d probably call my family and friends to tell them how much they mean to me. And I’d watch the world collapse over the horizon while I’m with my significant other. That would be everyone’s first thought, right? Or some would do something crazy and stupid since it will be the last day of the world.

‘End of the World’ might seem upbeat and light but the meaning goes deeper than we thought. Blessie told us that she used to think of ending things, right there and then. It was way back the time she got depressed. But she turned her life around after that. She wrote End of the World to tell the story of how she’d just wait for the world end, instead of ending her life. And how she’d want to see the world end too, with someone special while holding hands. Sound romantic. And it does.

But aside from that, Blessie wants to tell us that we don’t know what the future holds. The world might be ending or we might lose someone in the future. The thought of that is quite pretentious but it’s the reality. And that only means that we shouldn’t take our loved ones for granted. We should live our life to the fullest. If we don’t take the chance, then we might miss out a lot of things in our very short life.

According to Blessie, she intends to write more songs that would inspire and help heal people. Not everyone has a support system. Not everyone has someone to lean on during hard times. But music is everywhere. And she wants her music to help people get back up to their feet and realize that there’s more to life. There’s a whole lot more ahead. That we got to go back up and face the challenges head-on.

Inspiring as it sounds, Blessie’s truly a blessing to the local music community. And her inspiring songs, topped with her angelic voice does wonder. So if you love her music, then you better check out her Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram account to be updated on her gig schedules. You can also listen to her Spotify, might as well add her songs to your playlist, right?

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