Get to know more about the rising solo artist, Blessie Azul, through her own intro song and interview here in Music Dive!

Following LaLuna and Jello Reyes is the ever-inspiring Blessie Azul in Music Dive. We’ve stumbled upon one of her songs in Spotify and her angelic voice tells a story of life through her songs. So better dive into the music with Blessie Azul and get to know this indie darling right here!

So during the interview with Blessie, we asked her to write a song about herself. And in just a short span of 15 minutes, she was able to conjure a charming and head-bopping song about herself. You can really know more about her through her song, ‘Blue’. And no doy, if she records it in the future, I’d have it on repeat on my playlist! Watch our full interview and take a sneak peak on the song she wrote about herself here:


Getting to know Blessie!

The 23-year old Blessie Azul is a singer-songwriter who wants to make a change in the world. Sounds cliche, right? But as a pastor’s kid, Blessie has known life from a deeper perspective, even at a young age. She started to write her own songs at the young age of 15. She took influence from musicians such as Chris Martin and Chet Baker. But in 2013, she took a break from performing but came back armed with mre drive and passion in mid-2016. Blessie started her solo act in spoken word events, performing her own pieces and collaborating with other artists, With the engagement and support she got from the spoken word community, she realized that she can do so much more. From then on, Blessie started to write more original songs until she got to record and produce them. She didn’t think that she’d build up a career from her passion for singing. But day after day, gig after gig, she was able to kickstart her career in the indie community. She even indulged the team about her dream: have one of her songs as an OST in a movie! I mean, we’d really love to her one songs set the mood in a romance drama movie!

She usually performs in small gigs, headlining for other artists. Armed with her favorite guitar, Brent, Blessie astonishes the audience with her angelic and alluring voice. Not only that, but she also plays drums (which she’s good at), keyboard, ukelele, violin, and harmonica. That surely says something. So far, Blessie had shared her music to the world through Soundcloud and Spotify. And her songs really tell something about herself.

Healing through music

One of the best thing about Blessie is how positive and inspiring her life story is. She mentioned to us that music helped her overcome depression. With everything happening in life, it’s no wonder why some of us spiral out of our own control. And Blessie’s no different. However, despite the hardships that she endured, she managed to make a turnaround from that. She poured her feelings into making music, making it a way for her to heal. Her songs ‘Yakap’ and ‘End of the World’ seem romantic and all at first. But it’s more that.

Both songs portray the feelings that sad people want to feel. A hug, platonic or not, can help heal a person. no matter how petty or simple it sounds. A small thing like a hug can turn the tides of ones feeling to something better. End of the World, on the other hand, tells the story of how we want to end life. But instead of having to end our life, let’s just wait for the world to end. But the world would end for a long time, that’s what you’re probably thinking. And that’s the catch, you’ll just have to wait and see what happens so you better live your life to the fullest. So if you want the right song for your rainy days, then try listening to Blessie’s songs and you might just find your perfect fight song.

Depression is hard. But traversing life with nothing is harder. And Blessie wants to make it her objective to heal people through the best possible way she can do. And that’s through music. You might find yourself breaking down alone but with her songs, you can find it in you to find peace. And personally, I think that’s beautiful.

Don’t be afraid

Blessie shares that aspiring artists shouldn’t be afraid of pursuing their passion. Don’t let fear control you. Life is too short for you to be scared to try something out. If you really love something, you got to fight for it. If your heart calls out to try pursuing music and sharing what you have, then do it. You might fail, you might succeed but if you don’t even try, you might miss the only chance you get. Don’t take failures as a dead end. Like Blessie said, “Take that first leap and let the universe do its own thing.”.

Life is short and nothing’s permanent. So we only get a few chance or maybe just one to try things out in life. No reason to sulk and mope around because there are a lot of things to be grateful about life. Blessie learned it the hard way and she wants us to see what life has to offer. There will always be a helping hand during our down times. We might be thinking of ending things right there and then. But take it from Blessie, life is beautiful and there’s so much to discover about yourself. You might as well take the chance you have and enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

So if you love Blessie as we do, then you better check out her Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account to be updated on her gig schedules. You can also listen to her Spotify, might as well add her songs to your playlist, right?

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