Time for another amazing artist… And this time, it’s Arthur Nery! Let’s get to know him and his music here on Music Dive!

With his soothing vocals and lyrics that will surely make you fall in love, Arthur Nery is definitely something. We had a chance to chat with him a little about his music! Plus, he performed two of his singles and shared with us the inspiration behind them. Check out his performances here on Music Dive!

Life Puzzle

Life Puzzle‘ is Arthur’s first-ever single with his producer, Yiuki Tacastacas, and probably what sparked his career in music. A fun fact is that he wrote this song in college! This was the first Arthur Nery song we fell in love with, among others, that truly showcased his talent in singing and songwriting. ‘Life Puzzle’ describes our life as big puzzles where people who come into it are there to complete it. Imagine being told you’re the last piece needed to complete someone’s life. Yup, he really knows how to turn us into prepubescent fangirls with his voice and lyrics!


While ‘Life Puzzle’ is extraordinary, it turns out it was just to prepare us for a bigger hit, ‘Binhi‘, which he also just released this year. This song will give you LSS for days (in my case, months)! ‘Binhi’ talks about not minding anything for the moment, because at the end, the relationship will still fall apart. So what’s the point in crying? It’s like he is telling you to just stay by his side. But most of all, it talks about things being too late in love, and Arthur did it in beautiful Tagalog lyrics and soothing vocals that just make you close your eyes as you listen to the song.

The amount of emotion in the song is unmistakable. Arthur did not tell us much about the story behind the song or if it was based on a real-life situation, but he did tell us that he wrote this with tears falling down his face. Writing ‘Binhi’ felt like he was hurting himself, so much that he had to detach himself in order to not drown in this ocean of emotions. We just debunked the secret to why we hurt so much while listening to it. But it’s the kind of pain we like.

A journey worth telling

Not many of us may know this, but Arthur has been singing ever since he can remember. His parents played a big role in introducing Arthur to music as they were singer, too, themselves! With his passion for music formed, he grew up to the influence of Michael Buble and Michael Jackson (he even tried dancing). he also got hooked with the likes of Daniel Ceasar and idolized Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars for their unique style in songwriting. Not bad choices, if you ask me! You can really see how these artists influenced Arthur’s overall style.

But prior to all of this, he struggled a lot with his music and his songwriting. Arthur was in high school when he decided he can’t just keep doing covers, and so he tried writing his own songs, but he didn’t like the result of that. This caused him to drop the idea of ever writing a song because he thought it was really not for him. However, his emotions led the way for him to be able to write successfully. He went through heartbreaks and problems, and soon enough, the words and melody just came out naturally.

Aside from this, Arthur had quite a journey with finding his own sound. He shared with us that he had a tendency to sound like an artist he was really into. Hearing the songs he has now, we can only conclude that he really worked on his music as far as his own sound. Arthur never settles for “just fine” and made sure he gets the best results every time! And it only tells us one thing, good things don’t happen accidentally. You get it from hard work, just like Arthur did.

Arthur Nery today

For an artist who just started publishing his music, Arthur has quite the following. Well, we can’t blame them! Being the talented artist that he is, Arthur is a crowd favorite when he does gigs, mainly because of his quirky personality and how he sounds performing live. But, of course, he has his record label slash family, O/C Records to thank for all of it! Honing the artists’ craft while also giving them creative freedom is what makes the O/C environment so nurturing.

Arthur believes very much in the power of just being true to yourself when it comes to music. You just have to keep doing what you love doing because if you’re not doing it for the clout or to impress people, music comes out naturally. And these two songs he performed for Music Dive stand as proof! And by the way, he’s planning to release a full-length, 12-track album, sooo you might want to stay tuned!

We hope you enjoyed listening to Arthur perform for Music Dive! Which one of Arthur’s songs do you like better? We absolutely love both. Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.