After giving us good tracks with his ‘Grandma’ album, tomorrow we will finally have a taste of his Second album! On top of that, we also have a surprise for you with Unique’s official interview during UP Fair: Hiwaga!

With such a dynamic voice and weird taste but in a good way of his brand, we cannot deny the success of this solo artist who keeps on bringing us good music. As we all know, his latest single ‘Bukod Tangi’, will be included in this album which was released after his single, ‘Lamang Lupa’. And to tell you, everyone was surprised because of the interesting concept of his music video of ‘Bukod-Tangi’.

He’s been teasing us on his social media accounts with the list of the songs for his Second Album under O/C Records. Aside from getting some sneak-peek of what his album might look like, he proudly posted the names of the musicians he’s been playing with during live gigs.

While waiting for his Second Album on Spotify, here’s the full interview with Unique Salonga at UP Fair Hiwaga: Monday Stage last February 10.


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