ENCORE FEATURE: Ang Bandang Shirley

You’ve probably jammed with your friends to their songs, and maybe you’ve even fallen in love with their rather holistic music. And this time, it’s time to get to know more about Ang Bandang Shirley! Are you ready for this band’s ENCORE FEATURE?

Ang Bandang Shirley has been in the Philippine music scene for more than a decade now. And after the rough patches that this band has went through, their success doesn’t diminish and continues to grow to this day.

The Ang Bandang Shirley Story

Ang Bandang Shirley‘s story begun when Owel Alvero (guitars/vocals) and Emmanuel Aguila (guitars/vocals) became friends through their mutual admiration for the same bands. They became a part of a band called ‘Delta Joy’, but Alvero ultimately left.

The band continued on, while Alvero, on the other hand, honed his skill in the keyboards with built-in beats. He also paired off with a girl schoolmate for the vocals.

Owel Alvero eventually joined an indie recording class called ‘Plug and Play.’ And here’s an interesting little detail for you all—some of the participants of this recording class are now members of the famous OPM band UDD!

In due course, Alvero and Aguila reunited and Ang Bandang Shirley was born together with Joe Fontanilla (guitar/vocals) who they met in college, and followed by Zig Rabara (drums). And when Selena Davis (lead vocals) left her band, Alvero worked up the nerve to ask her to sing for them ’cause they could really use some female vocals.

Selena fell in love with the music of Ang Bandang Shirley and decided to be a permanent member. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Although let’s not forget about Kathy Gener. Staring as the manager of the band, she eventually became a band member as a vocalist. And what we love about Kathy is that she’s been with And Bandang Shirley from the start, especially when her indie label company produced the band’s albums.

There’s also Enzo Zulueta who joined the band as their bass guitar player as their music evolved even more. Zulueta was described by the group as their most musically-fluent member. While another member, Debb Acebu, later on joined their group as part of their lead vocals.

Whew, what a history!

A member bids goodbye

It’s inevitable that when you fall in love with a band, you also fall in love with all of its talented members. That’s why when one of the members of Ang Bandang Shirly bid goodbye, our hearts broke.

Sadly, last year a member of Ang Bandang Shirley had to say goodbye, and we have the details for you right here.

When Ang Bandang Shirley had their launch for their third album called ‘Favorite,’ vocalist Selena Davis gave a very saddening surprise—her farewell.

It was a very emotional night for the fans of the band, as it was the very last night they would get to hear Selena sing, and watch her perform live with Ang Bandang Shirley.

But despite her very sad departure, Ang Bandang Shirley continues to make the OPM scene proud!

The band’s music

Ang Bandang Shirley’s songs are the type of music you would want to play on road trips as you escape the busy and chaotic city. Personally, we can say that this band’s music is not something you could find easily in other groups because of how their music has solid elements such as the rhythm, harmony, form, and dynamics, that you’d have to hear for yourself to really experience.

Ang Bandang Shirley released their first album back in 2008 called the ‘Themesongs’ followed by ‘Tama Na Ang Drama’ in 2012. While their third and latest album was released last year called ‘Favorite’. And if you’re not too familiar with these titles, you’ve probably heard of their hit songs ‘Umaapaw Na’ and ‘Nakauwi Na’.

Celebrating the 10th year of ‘Themesongs’

Here’s some great news from this band, Ang Bandang Shirley re-releases their debut album on vinyl!

Doesn’t just look so dainty?

To celebrate their tenth year, Ang Bandang Shirley releases once again, ‘Themesongs’. And this is not only to honor their first album, but also to cater those who are having a hard time looking for physical copies of the album. Another thing you might want to know is that the design for this vinyl is new, and some of the songs in the track has been edited.

This release includes the tracks ‘Patintero/Habulan/Larong Kalye’ and ‘Kagabi Nanaginip Si Morrissey Na May Nagmamahal Sa Kanya.’ And it even includes a bonus track from former member Selena Davis entitled ‘Bato’!

‘Alam Mo Ba? (Ang Gulo)’

And before we finish this piece, here’s one of our favorite videos from the band—’Alam Mo Ba? (Ang Gulo)’ ’cause same.

Can’t get enough of this band? We’ve got more of their songs on Spotify for you to stream now!

So tell us, what are your favorite songs from Ang Bandang Shirley? Do you love them as much as we do? Tell us in the comments section below. Or feel free to message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to fangirl over this hot OPM band with you!

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